Sunday, March 2, 2014

Central City Census - March 2014

The short month of February is now over, so that means less votes for our monthly Central City Census. Regardless, we're back with a new topic to question you guys on. Before that, let's see the results of last month's poll.

Asking which of the two latest eighth generation consoles you currently own, it seems most of those who responded to the Census have neither, which makes sense. There's a risk involved with being an early adopter. There's hardware problems to worry about, droughts to contend with, and possible price cuts to contend with. Twenty voters own just the PlayStation 4, but what really stood out to us was that no one who voted only owned an Xbox One. We consider that system to have the better games at the moment. Perhaps the DRM fiasco and higher price are factors to think about in this.

Now that we've taken care of old business, here's new business:

With more powerful tech that pushes console hardware to the limits, it's much easier nowadays for a console to break. Since the Red Ring of Death surrounding the Xbox 360 was so common, we're interested in knowing how many Xbox 360 systems you had to buy last generation. 

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