Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Nintendo's E3 2014 Plans: Or Get Over Yourselves, Gaming Press

Today, Nintendo announced its plans for early June's E3 2014 event. Its plan of attack is to have another presence at E3 just like it did last year. Not only this, but a showing of games via a prerecorded video, a multiple day Super Smash Bros. tournament, a demo for Super Smash Bros. at Best Buy stores across the nation, and various livestreams, the one particularly of the note is the one with Nintendo Treehouse. However, this news has not really been covered so much as it has allowed many members of the gaming press to whine and moan for the sole reason that they aren't being directly catered to like they feel they deserve to be.

The main reason the press is so negative about Nintendo's announcement of its plans for E3 is that Nintendo is essentially circumventing the media. The press, ironically enough, feels entitled to getting information from a press conference. Some of this is the same press that continues to call gamers entitled, all the while they feel entitled to having Nintendo give them news first so they can report it to us lowly gamers. Now, they have to watch the prerecorded stream with the rest of us. Poor babies... That said, I sort of like Nintendo giving the proverbial middle finger to the press.

The thing of it is is that the press has been extremely negative about Nintendo for the longest time now, so this aforementioned middle finger is rather refreshing. Obviously, it's not meant to be that, but that's what the press thinks. What should be great news for gamers, the fact that information, content, and events are being directly distributed to them, is getting all sorts of hatred from the gaming press because they're unable to report it first, because they, after all, are entitled to getting the news out first, getting a lot of traffic from Nintendo's news, and getting all those lovely clicks. It's so easy to pick on the loser, the company that isn't doing well, that it just starts looking like pushing a crippled kid out of his wheelchair.

Is it really any wonder why Nintendo has decided to completely bypass the press, the same press that continues to dogpile on the Wii U and to a lesser extent, the 3DS? The same press that writes continuous articles on how Nintendo should go third-party? The same press that writes that company CEO Satoru Iwata needs to step down? The same press that writes how Nintendo is always behind the times? The same press that basically makes Nintendo damned if they do and damned if they don't? The same press that-- well, you get the idea hopefully! While Nintendo is definitely not immune to criticism, it seems to be the target of such all too often.

I have no idea why Nintendo is wanting
to go over the heads of the gaming press.
(This was posted today conveniently after
Nintendo's announced plans for E3 2014.)
By bypassing the press, Nintendo is effectively giving out news its own way, without the need to bring up poor Wii U sales when that topic shouldn't even be brought up in the first place, or without the need of bringing unnecessary negativity and spite into the fold. The news will be shared in an environment that Nintendo can control. There will be no technical mishaps such as when Shigeru Miyamoto was demoing live the swordplay of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. There won't be any moments of awkward silence or embarrassing slip-ups.

But it's all about giving gamers what they want, after all, right? That's the narrative being built and manufactured by the press and various message board personalities. By not having a traditional conference, Nintendo is not giving gamers what they want. Forget about a Super Smash Bros. tournament, demos of said game at various Best Buys around the country, and livestreams with developers-- we need a press conference that is usually all fluff that most gamers can't even go to directly. Only the press can. Oh, there's that press luxury again that many journalists think they're entitled to. It's something that they're being denied of at this upcoming E3, and it was something they could say in their heads, "We have elite connections and ordinary gamers like you don't and must get your info from us!"

Coming directly to you.
Many of the articles being posted today don't really only share the news of Nintendo's forgoing of a traditional E3 press conference. No, instead many feel the need to add some unwanted commentary, and jump to conclusions. Obviously Nintendo has nothing much to show-- that's why its not doing a conference. Obviously Nintendo is afraid of presenting what little it has in a live showing. No, these types of articles simply perpetuate the idea that journalists are truly the entitled ones, and if they do not get their way, they will take their little ball and run home. This is the same kind of behavior that is funnily enough what has made Nintendo circumvent the press with these types of E3 plans and Nintendo Direct videos to begin with. It's just that many members of the press have their heads so far up their own asses that they can't even realize it's their fault Nintendo is doing things its own way.

What should be a positive for gamers (Nintendo reporting directly to them, giving a rare look inside the company, and doing many other pro-gamer things like demos at Best Buy) is being manufactured by the press as a negative, when it is really not. The only negatives here are the gaming press and their pathetic sense of entitlement.

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