Monday, April 28, 2014

SuperPhillip Central's Favorite VGMs - Nothing Like the Smell of New VGMs in the Morning Edition

Welcome to the last SuperPhillip Central's Favorite VGMs segment of April! This edition is rather special, as it features five totally brand-new games being represented by five themes. The games on the docket for this week include: Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, Soul Calibur II, and Kirby: Triple Deluxe, just in time for the game's release on Friday. So sit back, relax, and let the VGM goodness take you away to your special place.

v611. Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction (PS3) - Metropolis

There's little in the way of kicking off a game better than what Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction delivers to players. Players are thrust into Metropolis amid an enemy attack from outer space. This bombastic music plays during this skirmish, as Ratchet blasts enemies to smithereens, grinds rails, and performs feats of platforming wonder.

v612. Soul Calibur II (PS2, GCN, XBX) - Raise Thy Sword (Nightmare Theme)

Nightmare is one of our favorite fighters in the Soul Calibur series. While the series has reached its fifth installment, we, along with a mighty number of others, prefer the second installment of the series over any other. Soul Calibur II had an exclusive character for each version. Without a doubt the most popular version was the GameCube one, with its inclusion of The Legend of Zelda's Link.

v613. Kirby: Triple Deluxe (3DS) - Fine Field

Just in time for its release on Friday, we have the opening level theme of Kirby: Triple Deluxe for the Nintendo 3DS. Suitably cheery and peppy, Fine Field's jaunty little tune is bright and bouncy, perfect for the level it plays in. Additionally on Friday, Mario Golf: World Tour hits the 3DS platform as well. It's going to be a good day for gaming.

v614. Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan (3DS) - Gale Force

The incomparable Yuzo Koshiro was at the helm for Etrian Odyssey's fourth mainline installment of the series. Gale Force is a fast-paced battle theme that certainly gets the blood pumping and the head bobbing back and forth. The combination of strings, brass, and guitar make for a marvelous mixture of musical splendor.

v615. Mario Party: Island Tour (3DS) - Banzai Bill's Mad Mountain

If you didn't tell us, we would believe that this theme from Mario Party: Island Tour, Banzai Bill's Mad Mountain, was from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. It's not, of course. It plays during the second board of Island Tour, a very short board that has players racing to the goal. However, the catch is that whenever a player rolls or lands on a Banzai Bill space, that Mario enemy launches from a cannon, knocking away all players in its path.

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