Thursday, June 5, 2014

Today is SuperPhillip Central's Six-Year Anniversary!

Hello. Phil here. Six years ago today I started a blog simply to post about things that interested me personally. I was a beginner at doing reviews, I posted really silly pieces, and I was just messing around. As the years went by, more people began to notice SuperPhillip Central, so I changed up how the site functioned, opening up to more "professional" reviews, editorials that made myself and others think, and even interviews with local, national, and international developers.

I haven't done this alone, however. I've had help from various writers who have contributed content in the past, two staffers who assist with the occasional article and technical support nowadays, and the motivation to keep going thanks to every single one of you who reads this very site.

I personally hope that SuperPhillip Central can continue to provide you with content you care about, and even for stuff that you don't, perhaps we can write something that makes you care about something you previously weren't interested in.

While we have nothing special planned for this anniversary compared to last year, where we listed our 100 favorite games of all time, this anniversary is yet another milestone for myself, the gang, and our site. It's also coincidentally our 4,000th entry on this blog. We definitely didn't plan THAT.

Regardless, please continue to enjoy what we have to offer, and as always, feel free to share our site with your friends, comment on any article you wish, and share any feedback you may have.

Here's to another year of SuperPhillip Central!

- Phil

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