Sunday, June 1, 2014

Central City Census - June 2014

Welcome to summertime at SuperPhillip Central. While the kids are out of school and raising hell for their parents, we're hard at work providing content. Since it's a new month, let's see the results of May 2014's Central City Census. Hmm... Let's do a pie chart this time, shall we?

The question regarded the release of Mario Kart 8, a game which released worldwide this past Friday. Who was getting it? Did they preorder? Were they buying a Wii U for the game? Did they even have an interest in the game at all? That's what the answers to this past month's Central City Census provide. Take a glimpse at the results, and then move on to this month's poll question.

It's summer, so there's all sorts of free time available to a lot of people out there, particularly those in school. This month's Central City Census is all about whether you take a traditional gaming device outside to play on, whether it's on a road trip, on a plane, waiting for the bus, to pass time in the park, or whatever.

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