Monday, November 3, 2014

SuperPhillip Central's Favorite VGMs - No Bad VGM November Edition

For some, November is a time to grow a big beard to support a noble cause. Hopefully this is just the men who are doing this, but I'm not here to judge. Regardless, SuperPhillip Central's Favorite VGMs is all about no bad VGMs this month. Then again, it's my wish that you can consider every month one where there are no bad VGMs. Good VGMs being subjective and everything. This week we have music from Mario Golf: World Tour, Rayman Origins, and Super Street Fighter IV, to deliver some good tunes to your good ears.

v731. Mario Golf: World Tour (3DS) - Forest Course

We kick this edition off with two recent Mario sports titles. The first of which is one of my personal favorite Mario sports titles ever created, Mario Golf: World Tour for the Nintendo 3DS. Not only did it have an abundance of holes to play on, but it had online tournaments, Mii customization, and so much more. As usual with Camelot-developed games, Motoi Sakuraba was at the composition helm for this game.

v732. Mario Tennis Open (3DS) - Wario Dunes

A study in contrast, while Mario Golf: World Tour was packed to the brim with content, Mario Tennis Open was decidedly a bit bare-bones in comparison. Heck, it was bare-bones in comparison to other games in its own genre and even series. That said, I still enjoyed my time with it, and I find the soundtrack to be a sizable part of that, once again composed by Motoi Sakuraba.

v733. Rayman Origins (Multi) - Gourmand Land ~ Breaking the Ice

Rayman Origins wasn't just a game with a terrific visual style and sensational soundtrack-- it was an immaculate 2D platformer that only made the wait for its sequel, Rayman Legends, that much harder. Christopher Heral was the composer behind both games, but I enjoyed his work more on Origins than what was available in Legends. Don't get me wrong, however-- that soundtrack was really good, too.

v734. Voodoo Vince (XBX) - Jean Lafitte's Ship

We go to a game that is getting recognition on SuperPhillip Central's Favorite VGMs for the first time, and it's about time, too! This theme comes from the severely underrated 3D platformer for the Xbox, Voodoo Vince. This was back in the day when the Xbox brand wasn't so focused on the 18-35 male gamer who tends to hover towards shooters, sports games, and racers. It's sad because I had high hopes for the Xbox brand back then. Quick! To the next VGM before I depress myself!

v735. Super Street Fighter IV (PS3, 360) - Drive-In at Night Stage (U.S.A.)

Our last VGM of this edition comes from Super Street Fighter IV. Fighting games where memorizing button combos is key are the bane to my gaming existence. I'm horrible at them, yet I keep coming back for more, as I get some enjoyment out of them. The Street Fighter series is no exception, and this chill electronica theme for the drive-in stage is of great contrast to the hot and heated action that takes place on it.

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