Monday, April 27, 2015

SuperPhillip Central's Favorite VGMs - You Have Gotta Be Kyd-in' Me Edition

Much like two Final Fantasy games were the bookends of the gaming music goodness that was last week's edition of SuperPhillip Central's Favorite VGMs, this week's edition is bookended by music from Jesper Kyd. First, we start off with a track of his from Assassin's Creed. We then end this edition with a track from The Adventures of Batman & Robin, going really deep into his career as a game composer! In between this Kyd-based carnage is music from one of my favorite soundtracks, Star Ocean: The Second Story. Finally, we have music from Radiant Historia and Digimon World! D-D-Digimon! D-D-Don't go anywhere-- there's video game music to be listened to, friends!

v861. Assassin's Creed (PS3, 360, PC) - Chase Theme

We start out with the Chase Theme from Assassin's Creed, which if you read my introduction of this edition of the VGMs like a good boy or girl, you'll know is composed by Jesper Kyd. You'll also know if you read my introduction of the VGMs like a good boy or girl that this is the first of a duo of Jesper Kyd-composed tracks. The second is the final of five VGM today!

v862. Star Ocean: The Second Story (PS1) - Moderate

Star Ocean: The Second Story is one of my favorite video game soundtracks ever devised. Motoi Sakuraba really did wonders with the music for the game, and I love the soundtrack for many of its warm sounding synths and lovely melodies, much like the ones heard in Moderate, a theme for Mars Village. This is the hometown of Celine, a magician girl who can unleash mighty magic upon foes while they're distracted by her *ahem* clothing choices.

v863. Radiant Historia (DS) - The Edge of Green

We continue with an RPG theme, but this time we're going for something a little more modern, music from Yoko Shimomura's Radiant Historia soundtrack. The Edge of Green is one of the battle themes within the game, offering magnificent music to mash monsters and other enemies to. Yoko Shimomura is gaining much publicity as she is the main contributor to the upcoming Final Fantasy XV soundtrack.

v864. Digimon World (PS1) - File City (Day)

Did someone call for some Digimon? No? Well, I hope you don't mind having some anyway! This song, File City (Day), comes from the very first Digimon World game for the original PlayStation. The game series would go on to see entries on other platforms, such as the PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox, and even the Nintendo DS for a dual release.

v865. The Adventures of Batman & Robin (GEN) - Big Machines

Jesper Kyd wasn't always making magnificent scores for AAA games. His beginnings began with smaller titles, as one would expect. While The Adventures of Batman & Robin is available on both the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo, we're focusing on the Genesis soundtrack, as Mr. Kyd was able to create one of the best sounding and most impressive Genesis soundtracks from a technological standpoint. Is it any wonder why his game composition career took him to such great heights as he's at nowadays?

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