Friday, June 5, 2015

Happy Seventh Anniversary, SuperPhillip Central!

As you can probably tell by the updated banner at the top of the site (as well as this post, for that matter), today, June 5, 2015 is SuperPhillip Central's seven-year anniversary!

Who knew that a pet project where I reviewed games (in much lower depth and quality than I do now) would turn into a seven-year-old blog? Not me! I'd like to thank you, the reader of this site, for giving me a constant audience for my ramblings and reviews of the gaming industry. I hope you've enjoyed my work even if it's just one article or the entire blog itself. It makes me very happy I'm able to share my articles with a wide audience, write about my favorite passion, gaming, and do so with you guys putting up with my odd humor.

Thank you to everyone for making SuperPhillip Central such a joy to write and visit time and time again. As long as there's people reading my stuff, I'll keep putting it out there.

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