Thursday, November 12, 2015

Nintendo's First iPhone Game Is 'Miitomo’

Many people expected Super Mario, or a version of it, to be the first game from Nintendo on the iPhone.  However, the company recently announced that its first game will be called Miitomo. The game will be available for download in March 2016. The news was announced during a press event with investors and the media and the company went on to say that it will be the first of five games the company intends to release between March 2016 and March 2017. Users will be able to download Miitomo free of charge, but it is expected to feature in-app purchases.

The game is basically about creating avatars, or Miis, that can communicate with others in a virtual world. This explanation of the game makes it feel like another medium for communication rather than an actual game like Super Mario 3D World. It perhaps doesn’t sound like it will offer the engaging game play that will draw people away from classic smartphone games, or playing the ever-improving bingo games on bingo apps like these- However, the company says it will encourage more shy people to be open and take part in discussions, which can’t be bad things.

Nintendo is delaying the launch of the game until March 2016 because it wants to fully educate the public about the benefits of the game before it is launched.  Many people expected the game to be launched this festive season, but the company said it would rather focus on marketing other games they have in the pipeline for now.

It is not yet clear if Super Mario will be part of the other four unknown games from Nintendo, but the company have already said that they will be pay-to-download games instead of using a freemium model. The hope for many in gaming circles is that the new games will have more gaming aspects to them than does the communication-focused Miitomo.

During the announcement, there was no mention of Apple TV support for any of the upcoming games.

The name of the game Miitomo is Japanese for My Friends, and early descriptions suggest it will be similar to Tomodachi Life. Get ready to build and populate islands with your friends!

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