Saturday, January 16, 2016

SuperPhillip Central's Super Mario Maker Levels - Part Three

For those uninitiated, Super Mario Maker just released on the Wii U a couple of weeks ago, at least in North America. SuperPhillip Central reviewed the game with high marks. The game allows users to create, design, play, and share each others' levels with a worldwide audience in an official capacity. The interface is way well done, making it easy to tinker around with and create a level in a fast amount of time. Now, of course, whether that level is actually good or not is totally subjective.

With this planned reoccurring segment, I will be sharing the levels SuperPhillip Central has created and spent time on trying to make as great as they can possible be.

For this third edition, there are eight more levels to share. I'll include the name, some screenshots, a description, and of course, this time around, the level link to the Super Mario Maker Bookmark page. After you've seen SPC's creations, please share your own in the comments section!

5-1: Yoshi's Jungle Safari - Link Here

Introducing Yoshi in his natural habitat! It's best to keep Yoshi with you as much as this level will allow you to, as there are plenty of Munchers that would otherwise hurt Mario if he didn't have Yoshi to ride on. Maneuver your way through this jungle obstacle course, avoiding Piranha Plants, climbing vines, and scaling the treetops.

5-2: Monty Mole's Colorful Cavern - Link Here

This cavern is infested with Monty Moles! Survive the Monty Mole onslaught with precision platforming from color-coded area to area, masterful jumps from Monty Mole heads, and yes, Yoshi returns as an extra insurance policy for Mario!

5-3: Which-Way Manor - Link Here

Venture into this perplexing haunted manor, filled to the brim with paranormal activity. If you think getting through this maze-like mansion is as simple as running and jumping, you're anything but correct! Find the way out of this manor before the Boos and Dry Bones that litter the inside bring you to your untimely demise!

5-4: Bowser Jr.'s Bullet Bill Brigade - Link Here

Bowser Jr.'s on the assault with a series of airships outfitted with cannons, Bullet Bill launchers, Rocky Wrenches, and fire jets. Just making it to Bowser Jr.'s chamber is a feat of itself, but can you take down the flying Koopa-in-command?

6-1: A Chilly Reception - Link Here

Welcome to the ice world! Actually, Mario isn't very welcomed here at all, as there are a myriad of enemies and obstacles both above ground and underground that await him. Get used to the slippery floor, as you're bound to slide around. Just don't careen into a bottomless pit!

6-2: Frozen Floors, Bombin' Bob-Ombs - Link Here

Bob-Ombs are both your ally and your enemy in this underground cavern level. Use Bob-Ombs to blast away walls to make progress while simultaneously avoiding their big blast radius. It'll take all of Mario's cunning to get through this explosive cavern alive.

6-3: The Great Goomba Factory - Link Here

Take a break from the cold weather and enter this factory that produces Goombas of the enemy kind. Oh, so THAT'S how they're made! No time to stop and admire the production line, as you have to survive it! Avoid Goombas dropping in from the pipes above, run on fast-moving conveyor belts, and even use the Kuribo's Shoe to assist in getting through this challenging level.

6-4: Winged Kamek's Ice Palace - Link Here

The final level of the ice world brings Mario to the frosty halls of Winged Kamek's Ice Palace. With frozen floors that will mess with Mario's footing and fire bars that will roast any unassuming plumber that gets caught in its heat, this ice palace is definitely not something out of fairy tale.

Stay tuned for the last two worlds of four levels each, and the special world with eight unique courses for your enjoyment!

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