Sunday, August 21, 2016

Fancy a shot at winning $200 in games? Then check out our affiliate's new contest!

It's always nice to give attention to SuperPhillip Central's friends (as seen in the affiliate section of the side bar of the site). Each site presents something unique. So, when regular commenter on SuperPhillip Central, CM30, contacted me to ask if I'd share a special contest that his site, Gaming Reinvented, is having, I couldn't help but accept.

As written on Gaming Reinvented, this is what the contest is all about:
Do you fancy yourself a video game journalist? Have a game or gaming event you really wish to give your opinion on, but have nowhere to post it? Want to potentially win 200 dollars in video games of your choice?If so, then you’re going to love the new writing contest at Gaming Reinvented. It’s pretty simple really; write a good article, and if it’s better than everyone else’s, you can win up to 200 dollars in video games of your choice. There’s no catch, no fees and nothing to worry about, it’s purely about who can write the best article on Gaming Reinvented.Here’s how it all works:
  1. You register on Gaming Reinvented via the forums. This gives you access to the article posting features on the main site.
  1. Once you’ve registered, you return to the site and post your article. It can be a standard article, a review, a walkthrough or an interview.
  1. The article then gets added to a list of other articles posted by contest entrants.
  1. This contest will then end on the 22nd September.
  1. Then, each article is scored by a group of judges (once of which is myself). These judges will rate the article based on the following factors:
  1. How unique or interesting the topic of the article is. Things you can’t easily find elsewhere will score well here, while bland top/bottom ten lists and clickbait will score low.
  1. The written quality of the article. Does it flow well? Has anyone proofread the thing, or is it filled with spelling and grammar errors?
  1. Once everything else is done, the winner will be contacted and the prizes sent out.
  1. And that’s it.
So what are you waiting for? Write your dream article today!
The prospect of having your own content not only being honored but awarded is really nice. To read more about this contest, such as a FAQ, look no further than this link! Good luck and have fun to all entrants!

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