Thursday, September 8, 2016

Central City Census - September 2016

Time for a new Central City Census for the month of September! But before we delve into the new, let's look back at the old with last month's Central City Census results. Last month's question was about Pokemon GO.

In easy-to-read bar chart form, we can see that the most voted for choice was that many have never played Pokemon GO, while 14 had played it but have stopped. 11 readers are still playing to varying degrees. Finally, an unfortunate soul has yet to have the app release in their country or territory. Now let's move on to September's question.

It has to do with physical and digital games. We're heading towards a more-digital future, but physical releases are still very much possible for the most part. So September's question is: Given the choice, do you generally buy physical releases or digital releases?

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