Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas (PS4) Gameplay Videos

Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas has been out for iOS and Steam for about a year, but it's just made its console debut today with its release on the PlayStation 4. Now, that the embargo is up, I can share some gameplay footage from this new PS4 build. A review is forthcoming, but I want to beat the game before I write something up, despite having already played through the iOS version.

This first video shows off an early boss that looks like an applicant for a Broadway version of Little Shop of Horrors, Turmos. The boss gets a taste of our hero, nearly ending his life!

This next gameplay video shows the cellar area of the Old Fortress. Its inhabitants don't take too kindly to trespassers, but our hero had to find the ice spell in order to advance to the Cavern of Fire. Some small puzzle elements are shown in this vid, as well as some combat.

Next up is a video that shows off a lot in its less than 15 minute time span. We have ship travel, a trip though multiple areas, all leading up to the puzzling labyrinth of the Cavern of Fire, where the hero's recently acquired ice spell comes in handy!

The lead-up to another dungeon of Oceanhorn starts off this fourth video. After some puzzle solving, we enter the Frozen Palace, an icy dungeon full of danger. This is part one of two.

This final video is part two of our hero's trip through the chilly halls of the Frozen Palace. This includes picking up the dungeon treasure and Master Key. It all concludes with an intense showdown with the dungeon's boss.

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