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Top Ten Most Wanted Nintendo Switch Games

After Friday's scathing article about the similarities between the Switch and the Wii U, let's go for something more positive about Nintendo's upcoming console. Nintendo seldom falters when it comes to the games, and with this list of the ten games that SuperPhillip Central is most anticipating from the Switch reveal, that line of thinking of continues. Now, let's get the "Whoa, the Switch actually has ten games coming out?!" jokes aside. As you'll see with this list, there are some interesting games coming to Nintendo's new console. After checking out SuperPhillip Central's picks, which games are you most anticipating?

10) ARMS

Nintendo doesn't always introduce new franchises of this scope and highlight them as much as they did with ARMS, a near-launch Switch game in development. ARMS has a lot of colorful personality to it and features one-on-one battles where players sling their arms out, hoping to deal damage to their opponent. In addition to controlling the direction and arc of their arm attacks, players can also block, all done using the Joycons. Motion controls aren't mandatory either, allowing players to choose between control styles at their leisure. Between the lovely art style, current features, and future details, ARMS is looking like quite the new franchise on Switch.

9) Fast RMX

A Wii U exclusive by the proficient graphical geniuses at Shin'en, Fast Racing NEO was one of the system's most impressive indie titles. Now, the game is hitting the Switch with 30 tracks, up to four player split-screen, and online for up to eight players. Through switching between two differently colored auras for their vehicles, players can take advantage of boosts and more in intensely fast races. Though inspired by other futuristic racers like F-Zero and Wipeout, Fast RMX is its own entirely different beast. With all of the new content available and all in gloriously improved graphics, Fast RMX is the definitive version of Shin'en's futuristic racer.

8) Sonic Mania

Sega turned to the creators of the excellent Sonic CD HD port and Sonic 2 iOS and Android release to create a brand-new 2D Sonic for them. This is none other than Sonic Mania, a game that introduces plenty of newness to the Sonic formula, such as a new Drop Dash technique that has Sonic drop down from midair and enter a spin dash in effortless fashion. Zones both old and new make an appearance in Sonic Mania, but even familiar places like Green Hill Zone have gotten serious facelifts and new mechanics and features added into them. What we're getting with Sonic Mania is a modern 2D platformer that finally is worth the Sonic name.

7) Fire Emblem Warriors

Ever since The Legend of Zelda and the Dynasty Warriors franchises combined into one fantastic game with Hyrule Warriors, many Musou and Fire Emblem fans have clamored for a crossover with the Fire Emblem franchise. With the Nintendo Switch presentation on Thursday night, fans got that very wish granted with Fire Emblem Warriors. Who knows what who's who of familiar Fire Emblem faces will be showcased in this awesome combination of Fire Emblem and Dynasty Warriors? Thankfully, we might not have to wait long to get a taste of this much anticipated crossover when Fire Emblem gets its very own Nintendo Direct next week.

6) Super Bomberman R

Finally, Bomberman is back, and he's looking absolutely sensational. Super Bomberman R not only sees Bomberman's return to the console space with this Switch exclusive, but it also sees many original Bomberman staff working on this new game. SuperPhillip Central can't think of any better game to showcase the multiplayer experience that Nintendo's Switch promises-- whether it's sharing the same screen TV-wise or huddling around the Switch controller screen miles away from home. Containing the same timeless Bomberman gameplay and a brand-new story mode, Super Bomberman R is very much an anticipated game around SuperPhillip Central.

5) Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Despite not containing any new racing tracks (there goes that leak's rumor), Mario Kart 8 Deluxe features plenty to perhaps double dip for. This includes a revamped Battle Mode including traditional arenas instead of large race tracks, new characters like Bowser Jr. and King Boo, and even new items like the feather from Super Mario Kart and the Boo power-up. Given an April 28th release date, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is the definitive edition of Mario Kart 8, featuring all of the aforementioned new content and all of the content from the Wii U game, including all DLC. There's no better excuse to rev one's engines and return to the wild and wonderful racing world of Mario Kart 8 once again with the Nintendo Switch port.

4) Splatoon 2

The original Splatoon was a massive surprise for gamers and a massive success for Nintendo. It was a totally fresh third-person shooter that focused less on terminating your enemies and more on painting the map with as much of your team's ink as possible. Then, there was the agility of the gameplay and massive mobility offered through turning into a squid to swim through the ink and get the jump on the other team. Splatoon 2 offers the familiar gameplay of the original, but offering new maps, weapons, clothes, and more presumably once we hear more about the game in the future. One thing that seems likely is a brand-new campaign to enjoy, which was masterfully done in the original. Planned for Summer 2017, Splatoon 2 should delight many Switch owners when it releases.

3) Xenoblade Chronicles 2

The team at Monolith Soft once again show off their ability to create wondrous worlds with Xenoblade Chronicles 2. This massive RPG is a sequel to the Wii and New Nintendo 3DS original instead of a side story like the Wii U game, Xenoblade Chronicles X, was. Instead of a darker tone, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 offers a more anime-inspired, lighter appearance. Regardless, the game should be yet another one from Monolith Soft that sees players lost in the world and game for hundreds of hours. Currently scheduled for 2017, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is shaping up to be a delightful gem in the Switch's library.

2) Super Mario Odyssey

Few trailers in the past year or two has made it where I smiled and giggled during it. Super Mario Odyssey's debut trailer was one of those that did. Showing Mario looking his best in a variety of locales such as a New York City-inspired metropolis, a mysterious forest, and a low poly world full of vegetables, Super Mario Odyssey's debut trailer delivered visual splendor and a whole host of interesting mechanics. This includes Mario's greater mobility, and his ability to take off his cap and use it to take out enemies and jump on it like it was a small platform. Though not playable at the Nintendo Switch event due to its Holiday 2017 release period, Super Mario Odyssey is one of SuperPhillip Central's most anticipated Switch games, as the team behind the game has earned the trust of gamers for constantly providing masterful titles.

1) The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Also available on the Wii U, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's Switch version has improved load times and also some improvements graphically over the Wii U version. Though, that was to be expected! Nonetheless, Breath of the Wild received a new trailer blowing the lid off the game, showcasing new areas, wonderful voice acting (the final version is dubbed in multiple languages), the return of Gorons and Zoras, and tremendous action in the game's gorgeous open world setting. It's been years since Nintendo teased a new Zelda adventure for the Wii U (and now Switch), and now The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is finally coming in less than two months on March 3rd to both Nintendo Switch and Wii U.

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