Saturday, April 1, 2017

Welcome to Центральный SuperPhillip!

We've tried to hide this for many years now, but like a certain country's administration, everything is falling apart. All the lies, all the revealed connections... SuperPhillip Central has clear ties to Russia, so we are no longer hiding it. Welcome to Центральный SuperPhillip!

At Центральный SuperPhillip, you will get all the editorials, news, reviews, and previews that honor the greatest comrade of all, Vladmir Putin, who helped SuperPhillip Central win last November's poll for best video game enthusiast site featuring the initials SPC. It was an upset to say the least, and sure, we didn't win the popular vote, but we did win the vote that mattered-- the Putin vote.

Центральный SuperPhillip is definitely not Putin-g you on here, and don't you dare think this change to the site will only be for today! (Oh, and we're just learning the Russian language here, so forgive us, Master Putin, if we got our name wrong!)

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