Sunday, April 2, 2017

Central City Census - April 2017

Welcome back from April Fools' Day where SuperPhillip Central really wasn't associated in any way with Russia (save for the few views this site gets from the country every month). We're back as SuperPhillip Central, and we're back to business! With that back to business attitude, let's look at the results of last month's Central City Census!

March 2017's Central City Census asked of you guys which current console manufacturer has the most appealing first party games. The vote was one of the closest seen on the site in a good while with Nintendo just barely edging out Sony. Two titans of franchise-holders, for sure!

This month's Central City Census asks about your controller-breaking habits. Have you ever broken one intentionally, and if so, how many times? The poll will be closed at the end of the month!

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