Monday, June 5, 2017

A Special Word from SuperPhillip Central's Owner and Operator

Welcome to a rather special occasion here at SuperPhillip Central. Nine years ago on June 5, 2008, I began SuperPhillip Central. It wasn't much to talk about: a banner, a template, some reviews, and sharing news and posts from all corners of the Internet. However, over the years things improved. I got my footing on how to write reviews in a more in-depth and professional way (no more listing what EVERY button and motion on Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition does or speaking like a forum console warrior) and learned how to write fun, more positive articles rather than find myself stuck focusing heavily on what's wrong in the industry (though I do sometimes still do that).

It's now nine years later. SuperPhillip Central has nearly 2.5 million page views, more than 3,000 unique blog posts, over 750 reviews  and interviews with talent in the industry, from Shovel Knight's creators to now-defunct studios like the folks at n-Space, makers of Nintendo's Geist and Square Enix's Heroes of Ruin.

In this time I have finally graduated from college, a process that took 12 years of on and off work. I have matured and am greatly improved mentally to ward off episodes of bipolar depression thanks to a combination of a close support system (family and friends) and helpful medication. Now, I am seeking long term employment to assist in writing the next chapter of my life.

I hope SuperPhillip Central will continue to be a part of that next chapter and then some. It's been a constant source of allowing to be creative, play games, have contacts in the industry, and make some fantastic new friends. When I'm feeling down, writing content for SPC seems to help.

And I hope you will continue to be a part of SuperPhillip Central's future as well. Your readership, your responses to stories, just your presence on the site has made me want to keep at this, now 9 years later. None of my work is done in a bubble or just for me. It's because of you. Please keep supporting SuperPhillip Central, and I promise to keep supporting you, my readers, with the type of content you like and expect from me-- the type of contact that keeps you coming back, whether daily, weekly, monthly, or just every so often. Thank you!

Best wishes for a bright future,
Phil "SuperPhillip" Stortzum

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