Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Review Round-Up - November 2017

Journey to fossil-filled plateaus, mysterious temples, moonlit deserts, frozen caves,
flowery fields, and much more in Mario's latest adventure.
November 2017 was a quiet month here at SuperPhillip Central with limited posts in lieu of a much-needed break. Hence, I have just two games featured in the Review Round-Up for November 2017. I generally combine two months of reviews if I have less than five reviews to report, but when you have a Game of the Year contender for the past month, you make exceptions.

While not the GotY contender I was alluding to, Rogue Trooper Redux from Rebellion was a compelling Wii era third-person shooter reborn on the Nintendo Switch. It got an average C grade. Finally, the game that will be fighting lots of games at SuperPhillip Central's Best of 2017 Awards beginning late this month, Super Mario Odyssey, greatly impressed with a masterful performance and an A grade.

No worries about a drought of reviews for December, as I have plenty of games lined up to cover review-wise. It takes time to play through these things when SPC is but a hobby! I hope you'll look forward to see what I cook up and dish out for this last month of 2017!

Rogue Trooper Redux (NSW) - C
Super Mario Odyssey (NSW) - A

Hey! Mario's walkin' here! His game, Super Mario Odyssey, is a
Game of the Year contender on SuperPhillip Central!

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