Wednesday, December 16, 2020

The "SuperPhillip Central Best of" Awards Returns with The SuperPhillip Central Best of 2020 Awards!

Hmm. What's this? It looks a bit familiar...

Ah, yes! The yearly tradition continues! It's my honor and privilege to announce that once again SPC will be hosting its annual "Best of" awards ceremony, detailing my favorite video games to come out in the year 2020. Everything from my favorite soundtracks to the biggest surprises, to--of course--SPC's Game of the Year will have a category (top five-style, and top ten-style for the GOTY list) devoted to it. The SuperPhillip Central Best of 2020 Awards begin on December 27th and concludes before the new year begins! I hope you're looking forward to this 13th edition of the longest running SPC tradition!

What games do you think will take the top spots on SPC's annual Game of the Year countdown this time around?

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