Saturday, June 15, 2024

[SuperPhillip Plays] Mario Power Tennis (GCN) - Full Playlist Now Available

It seems fitting to follow up Thursday's retro review of Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour with something also related to a Mario sports title from the GameCube era. If you're already subscribed to my YouTube channel of SuperPhillip Plays or have previously viewed this post on SuperPhillip Central, then you no doubt already recall that my quest to be the best in all sixteen tournaments in Mario Power Tennis began several months ago with episode one of my video series. 

Now, the series is complete, and all 16 episodes are available to watch, binge, and enjoy at your leisure! I hope you'll consider partaking in this series of exciting tennis action featuring intense rallies, fun across several tournament styles, and more!

Catch the full playlist below in this easily digestible, perfectly bingeable package. Have a great weekend ahead, everyone!

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