Monday, August 25, 2008

SuperPhillip's Favorite VGMs - They're Too Cool For School!

It's another Monday, dudes, so let's listen to some more top tracks from various video games old an new. This week is special since I'm showcasing six songs because I have something special planned for next week.

While the kids and kinder are returning or have already returned to school, this is what my top favorite VGMs are doing to the kids at the local preschool:

Now, off to the music!


I personally prefer the original Animal Crossing soundtrack (especially the main theme) over its DS counterpart. Regardless, this track is obviously the theme of 8 p.m. This composition was arranged by Kenta Nagata who did all of the field theme music in the game. He's known for his work on Mario Kart 64 and Double Dash as well.

This track plays during all of the water courses in Super Mario 64. It's one of my favorite water level songs period, it's Dire, Dire Docks composed by none other than veteran Nintendo composer, Koji Kondo!

The main picture for this video probably tells it all of what fans despise about Shadow the Hedgehog all in one picture. He's brooding, he's riding a motorcycle, and he's holding a gun.

Despite that, I actually enjoyed StH the game. I feel that the absurdity of the game elements outweighed the actual game which was pretty good-- nowhere near best game ever status, but still pretty good.

This self-titled track plays during one of the levels where Shadow can choose to ride said motorcycle or just use his feet to get to where he wants to go. Enjoy.

This track plays during Pika Cup Battles 1-3 in the original Pokémon Stadium for the Nintendo 64. If I remember correctly, the Pika Cup was for cute and lightweight Pokémon.

A song title used in almost every 2-D Mario platformer, "Athletic" is used once again in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, or just Yoshi's Island for JPN viewers. I've taken the liberty of placing the original version first followed by the Super Smash Bros. Brawl version. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a good mp3 of the Mario and Zelda: Big Band Live concert rendition that would be compatible with my video editor, or I would have included it as well.

it just amazes me how much the Rare composers squeezed out of the Super Nintendo's sound chip. It's just fantastic. This theme plays during the majority of the second world, Crocodile Cauldron's many levels. It's very mellow, very ambient, and quite relaxing.

Direct Links to Videos:
Direct Link - 8 p.m.
Direct Link - Dire, Dire Docks
Direct Link - Lethal Highway
Direct Link -
Pika Cup Battles 1-3
Direct Link - Athletic
Direct Link - Hot-Head Bop

Until our special next week, see you!

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