Saturday, August 30, 2008

Why my Mario Kart Wii review was lower than expected.

This video is a Youtube video posted that show "epic moments" in Mario Kart Wii. They're not really epic at all. It's just a case of another tween or teen misusing the word "epic" yet again and proving their inane ignorance to the world. But I digress... a better title would be: "Mario Kart Wii- Moments where the developers happily punish you through their own idiocy of giving everyone else a chance and a few little clips here and there where you get lucky." Yes... yes... That's much better.

It baffles me how a game with so much going for it, so many tracks, so many new things, everything going for it-- could be basically ruined in later stages by a very egregious design choice. No, I do not think getting hit by three items in succession at inopportune points is fun. Bah!

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