Monday, September 15, 2008

SuperPhillip's Favorite VGMs - Monday, Monday

The weekend really flew by, didn't it? Well, have no fear. My favorite VGMs are here! Doesn't that make having to go back to school or work feel much better? ...No? Oh... Sorry then. Nonetheless, I have five more VGMs to share this week for everyone. Let's hop right to it!


This is the theme of Blaze Heatnix stage in Mega Man X6. I know it's good. Why? Because the level takes at least nine minutes to beat and I'm not sick of the song yet. Why? Because you spend the majority of the level facing a mini-boss in various locations with various variances.

Mega Man X6 is the worst 2-D game of the X series. Why? Because it sports horrible and oftentimes cheap level design and it reeks of "rushed".

That notwithstanding, the soundtrack is just fantastic as most Mega Man X games possess. Did anyone else not enjoy this game too much like me?

Let's follow up Mega Man X6 with an even worse installment in the series, Mega Man X7. It's probably my least liked of the series. Capcom, to their credit, tried something new with 3-D levels. Unfortunately, unless it's Mega Man Legends, Mega Man (and especially X) is better suited for 2-D fields or at least a 2-D path with 3-D changes like Mega Man X8.

It's also my least favorite of the X series' music. There were seven or so different composers who worked on this game's music yet it's the worst of the series to me. Go figure.

Here's the first battle theme with X's Dr. Wily, the everliving Sigma!

It's time for another performance from the Toyko City Philharmonic. This time they are performing a track from Super Mario World appropriately named, "Super Mario World".

The ending is my favorite part. It makes you want to get up and stand in a chorus line, kicking your legs left and then right with everyone else.

Here's another pick from the Bomberman series. This time we're taking a listen to "Aquanet II" from The Second Attack. Pardon the pun, but I hope you'll be blown away by it.

This medley is from a rare orchestrated album of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask tracks including Clock Town, Termina Field, the Astral Observatory, and much more. Our focus with volume 160 is the track called "Majora's Wrath". It is a combination of two battle themes, the boss theme and then the final boss theme.

If you have not played Majora's Mask and don't want any bosses revealed, please do not watch this video for fear of spoilers.

Direct Linkage:
Direct Link - Blaze Heatnix Stage
Direct Link - Our Blood Boils - vs. Sigma 1st
Direct Link - Super Mario World
Direct Link - Aquanet II
Direct Link - Majora's Wrath

We'll see you next week for volumes 161-165! If you'd like to check out other videos from my channel, feel free to check it out personally here!

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Val said...

My opinion:

1. Blaze Heatnix Stage: That was awesome piece. It sounded like something from an F-Zero game actually..

2. Our Blood Boils vs. Sigma 1st: This one didn't really do much for me.. :(

3. Super Mario World: Nice orchestration. I have this one on my iPod, along with other orchestrations like these.

4. This one was ok. I've never played a Bomberman game before, so theres nothing really for me to compare it to. In the first half of the video, on the cover art, is that a Waddle Doo?

5. Excellent choice. This one hits my favorite out of the five. Majora's Mask was great.