Monday, September 22, 2008

SuperPhillip's Favorite VGMs - Hey, Now. Mega Man 9 Came Out Today. Why Am I Not Playing That? Why Does My Backlog Laugh at Me Like That?


It's Monday yet again. Why does it keep coming back? How does it do that? What evil sorcery is at work here? But I digress. There's probably too many videos on the homepage, so either click on one of the direct links or simply click on this blog entry title to get the five newest VGMs by themselves. If not, then there's even more sorcery at work here! And with that out of the way, let's get right into it!


We go from an underrated Zelda game (see volume 160) to an underrated game in general. It's DK: King of Swing for the Game Boy Advance. Find a copy on Amazon, download a ROM, I don't care-- just play this wonderful game (then buy it for yourself).

I ripped this track myself for your listening pleasure. I hope you like it. It's played first during the level, Necky's Canyon.

This twofer is from the Saturn and PC versions of Sonic 3D Blast. No matter how you slice it though, the game wasn't that good. However, the Saturn and PC soundtracks were. What I have to share this volume are the two themes of the very first zone in the game, Green Grove. This is the mellow act I followed by the very awesome act II theme.

This next song is morphinominal! It comes from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie video game for the Super Nintendo. It plays during the third level, where you fight putties while snowboarding down a snowy slope and eventually on the chilly waters of a river. It was a fun beat 'em up for the time.

Super Mario RPG was released onto the Wii Virtual Console on Labor Day, and Europe received it a week or two earlier than that. Let's celebrate with a track from the soundtrack! "Hello, Happy Kingdom" is the theme of the Mushroom Kingdom composed by Kingdom Hearts composer, Yoko Shimomura-- my second favorite Yoko behind Yoko Kanno.

this twofer comes from a series that's yet to premier on my list of favorites. Well, no longer as we have a theme from Kirby's Adventure. First is the original NES track followed by the remix for Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Direct Linkage

Direct Link - Necky's Canyon
Direct Link - Green Grove Zone
Direct Link - Frozen Mountains
Direct Link - Hello, Happy Kingdom
Direct Link - Butter Building

I hope you enjoyed this edition of my favorite VGMs! As always, we'll see you next week, and if you want to skip ahead to future installments/vids, feel free to check out my channel!

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