Thursday, January 1, 2009

Central City Census - January

Happy new year, one and all. 2008 has come and gone, and it's a brand new year. Hopefully SuperPhillip Central will make it all the way through 2009, too! First though, let's take one final glance at 2008 with December's census:

Not a lot of new consoles that were received for the holidays according to our readers. That's all right. There's more important things in the world than gaming. Well, certainly not in the world of SuperPhillip Central, but you know what I mean! Nine people believed they were getting Wiis, and four people each thinking about PS3s, 360s, DSs, and PSPs. Hopefully your thoughts were correct!

Time to take a gander at our first poll for 2009!

Game music has come a long way from the beeps and boops of classic gaming. Now we have real live instruments, surround sound, and themes that are forever immortalized in our subconscious. January's Central City Census is all about game music, one of my favorite types of music in general. Do you listen to video game music outside of gaming?


Kyle said...

I usually don't get consoles for Christmas. I'm lucky if I get more than three games. This year I only got Animal Crossing, though it wasn't that bad since I've been playing it nonstop since x-mas.

SpinachPuffs said...

Just the one game for me this year - Zack and Wiki! - but I'll be sending a cheque I received on the game-only version of Guitar Hero World Tour.

As for game music, I have a collection of tracks pulled off the Brawl soundtrack and a handful of K.K. Slider recordings, but that's it. But what with this sudden trend for releasing entire game soundtracks for free, I may start listening to them more often...

(PS the verification word is "guessee" :D)