Saturday, April 25, 2009

Animal Crossing Journal - Central: Where All Roads Lead Home

Hey, everyone. Long time no see for my Animal Crossing journal. I wanted to have a worthwhile update, and here's one right now. I have constructed an elaborate road network within the town boundaries of Central. It took about four hours to complete across two days. Not only that, but I designed a welcome sign for any guests that enter my time. Approximately twenty different designs were used, so I needed three characters to reach my desired outcome. Here's the end result.

The bus stop looks surprisingly urban now.

Now the bus has a path it can follow.

Central's flag is the letter "C" resembling a globe.

Here's the full design template for the welcome sign.

This pic is right outside Philly's home.
(This is S.Phil in the picture.)

Intersections and curves were a bit tricky to create.

Don't drive too fast as this road ends here!

Roads are a new concept for Central's villagers. Walking on a set path is a foreign concept to them, but rest assured they're trying their best to learn!

You're supposed to look both ways
before you cross the street, Iggly!

You're doing it wrong, Pierce.
You're just doing it wrong.

Eh... maybe they'll never learn. The only problem with placing pieces of road on the ground is that they can be picked up easily if a player isn't paying attention. Since the designs are spread across three people, I have to load the right character each time a piece is picked up. So if you enter my town, please don't start running near or on top of a pattern! Until next time, the journal is closed!

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Christopher Jon said...

I have to say, that's a pretty great idea.

I may have to try that.