Thursday, April 23, 2009

Excitebots review tomorrow night.

Just a heads-up that tomorrow I'll have prepared my review for Excitebots: Trick Racing However, that's not all this is for. I would like YOUR Wii friend codes and Excitebots friend codes. Why both? You can send replays and challenges to folks on your Wii console list. If they beat your challenge, they get a number of stars-- however many you bet them they can't beat your time. As for the Excitebots code, we can race online without bets.

S.Phil - 2793 6971 3725

Wii code - 6272 2957 6185 8250

Leave a comment if you'd like me to register either of your codes or both.


MC BK said...

Hey man, if you want to race today I'm available between now and 7:30. Hope we can race, even though you'll probably beat me. PM me or leave a comment here and I'll get on as soon as I can, though it'd probably be good to mention a later time so I have time to read it.

MC BK said...

This is Lyude77, by the way.