Sunday, May 17, 2009

We Love Golf (Wii) - Political Coincidence?

I recently started playing some of my favorite golf games of the past in anticipation for the upcoming Tiger Woods 10. Speaking of which, I plan on writing an article listing my favorite golfing games of this generation thus far, so look forward to that! Back on track-- I looked at the back of the North American box art for We Love Golf! and I laughed out loud immediately.

Now the one character on the left I already associated with Barack Obama since before the game launched. His voice only seals that thought to me. There seems to be a slight political theme to the back of the box. For instance, the Mii looks exactly like political satirist, Stephen Colbert of the Colbert Report. The most interesting coincidence after coming back to the game and after the 2008 Presidential Election is the person to the right of the Obama-esque model. It looks just like Sarah Palin-- hairdo, glasses, and wink and all! The thing is that Sarah Palin wasn't announced or even introduced to Americans until the following August. We Love Golf! came out around June of 2008. As for the girl on the right, I got nothing. Nonetheless, how peculiar!


Kyle said...

Lol. That's pretty awesome.

Not really into sports games like golf, but I'll still be looking forward to your article. Just in case I ever am in need of a good golfing game.

Unknown said...

Did you not like or try Mario Golf?