Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Most Overlooked Wii Games Part Three

Last week, we discussed five more games that were overlooked on the Nintendo DS. This week we're focusing once again on the Nintendo Wii. A lot of folks are angry that games aren't localized to North America and Europe, but they completely overlook the great games that were released on this side of the world. Here are five more of such games.

Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure

Our first game is one that just might have been doomed to fail. The game's aesthetics were too Saturday morning cartoon for adults, and the game's huge difficulty was too hard for younger gamers. Thus, Zack and Wiki became niche from the word "go". Those who delve into the game were rewarded with mind-bending puzzles, an irresistible charm, and a worthy game for their collections. Just turn down the volume for the "ZAKU" cries from Wiki.

Bully: Scholarship Edition

Jimmy Hopkins is a trouble-making student who has bounced around several schools, getting expelled at each one. When he reaches Bullworth Academy, it's his goal to become king of the school. Released for the Wii as well as the 360, the Wii version featured intuitive motion and pointer controls, plenty of story and side missions to complete, and a whole locker full of variety. Those looking for a GTA-like experience without all the rated "R" humor will find a lot to like with Bully: Scholarship Edition.

Ghost Squad

Join up with the Ghost Squad with this arcade-style shooter. There's only three missions, but each mission has multiple paths and choices that unlock as you complete them. Each round of gameplay, you gain experience points that reward you with new levels, new costumes, and new firearms to take down terrorist scum in the steamy South American jungle, a mountainside resort, and Air Force One. The game is an absolute blast with friends or alone.

Boom Blox: Bash Party

The original Boom Blox was a blockbuster unlike any other. This sequel takes the gameplay of the original and adds a host of new content. The aim of Boom Blox is to play several block puzzles from knocking down a tower of blocks in as few throws as possible to Jenga-like challenges. You can download new puzzles from EA servers or create your own to share with the world. Boom Blox sunk under the radar and sold a fair share of copies. Perhaps Bash Party is doing the same.

Tenchu: Shadow Assassin

The Tenchu series stealthily made its way onto the Wii early this year and the PSP later on, and it's a fantastic journey. Stealth is the solution for all of your problems as getting noticed with caused your ninja to receive damage and have to start the area all over. The goal is to sneak through rooms and areas, carefully picking off foes in the process. Subtle motion controls enhance the experience, but they don't work all the time. Regardless, Shadow Assassin was a great game to pick up full price, and now you can get it for cheap.

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