Monday, November 16, 2009

SuperPhillip's Favorite VGMs - The VGM is Not Enough Edition

Welcome to another edition of SuperPhillip's Favorite VGMs. This week we're jam-packed with excellent tunes starting with a duo from EA, SimCity 3000 and 007: The World is Not Enough. Then we head to Locoroco country, read a chapter from Little King's Story, and duke it out with signposts in MadWorld. Saddle up, and get truckin', buckaroos!

v431. SimCity 3000 - SIM Broadway

SimCity is one of my favorite franchises. I was always enamored with the construction and design of cities, so this series seemed right up my alley so to speak. SimCity 3000 brought with it better visuals, more features, and other goodies. SIM Broadway is one of the first themes you'll hear as you construct your city.

v432. 007: The World is Not Enough - Main Theme

EA attempted to ride on the success of Goldeneye with The World is Not Enough, and they did an admirable job. There was objective-based gameplay, non-linear levels, and enough Bond charm thrown into the mix to keep things fun. A great game with an interesting score, this is the main theme heard in the main menu of TWINE.

v433. LocoRoco 2 - muimui

"muimui" plays during the Loco Stamp mini-game, something optional and enjoyable to do. The LocoRoco series has an eclectic mix of saccharine sweet music, and "muimui" is one of many great tracks on the soundtrack.

v434. Little King's Story - William Tell Overture

The entirety of the Little King's Story soundtrack is made up of classical pieces of music, remixed for the game by a cavalcade of composers. This theme, better known as the William Tell Overture, is played during the little king's many battles with area guardians. Once defeated, the area controlled by the guardian will fall under the little king's control.

v435. MadWorld - You Don't Know Me (Explicit)

MadWorld was a visceral action beat-em-up where it wasn't just about killing-- it was about killing in style. Impaling foes with sign posts, sticking them through spikes, electrocution, et cetera. Sure, the action got sometimes repetitive, but it was a great game to work off some frustration. You Don't Know Me is one of the only vocal tracks performed by a female.

Next week we'll have even more music to cruise to! Hope you look forward to it.

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