Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Perfect Dark (XBLA) - Achievements and Screens

We have some goods for you this evening! It's some brand-new screens and an achievement list for the upcoming Perfect Dark for Xbox Live Arcade. This is probably one of most wanted games, and if I had known it was coming out next year it would have been in my most desired game list. Check them out as they were taken down from the source which makes them seem all the more real.

HOW'S THAT FOR STARTERS? : Complete dataDyne Central - Defection

BOTH BARRELS : Shoot an enemy when dual wielding

ACT YOUR AGE, JOANNA : Destroy Carrington's wine collection

DOUBLE 64 : Kill 128 enemies using secondary fire mode

CAMERA SHY : Destroy 10 security cameras

DEADLY LAPTOP : Kill 50 enemies using the laptop gun in sentry mode

PACI-FIST : Complete any Solo Mission on Special Agent or harder using only your fists

TOOLS OF THE TRADE : Get a Bronze rating or better with all 32 weapons in the Firing Range

VERSATILE : Complete a Combat Simulator game using each of the six preset Scenarios

GOLDEN DAYS : Complete a Combat Simulator game on Felicity, Complex or Temple using Classic Weapons

PRIME TARGET : Complete every Challenge up to and including 29, the tenth Prime Number

A FRIEND INDEED : Complete any mission in Co-operative Mode

...WHO NEEDS ENEMIES? : Complete any mission in Counter-Operative Mode

DATADYNE SPECIALIST : Kill at least one enemy with each of the dataDyne weapons

CARRINGTON INSTITUTE SPECIALIST : Kill at least one enemy with each of the Carrington Institute weapons

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Goatesque said...

I never played any of the original Perfect Dark games. But, having a glance at the achievement list has made me curious about perhaps getting the XBLA version; purely because they all look fairly attainable. I should be blushing, I know. Cheers for putting the link up btw!