Thursday, April 1, 2010

Central City Census - April

It's the start of a new month here at SuperPhillip Central, and no fooling here! Before we get to this month's Census, let's view the results of last month's.

Of the current gen platforms, which have died on you?

Nintendo Wii
16 (13%)
PlayStation 3
21 (17%)
Xbox 360
60 (51%)
Sony PSP
9 (7%)
Nintendo DS
13 (11%)
None have yet
34 (29%)

Votes so far: 117

With 117 unique votes, this edition of the Census allowed for multiple answers as you can see when you add up the total votes. Not surprisingly, the 360 received the dubious honor of having the most votes thanks to the notorious Red Ring of Death. Following that was the Yellow Light of Death for the PlayStation 3 and bricking of the Wii. In second place of the vote our Census users picked that none of their systems have died yet. Congrats to them. I'm so jealous! With that out of the way, let's see what April has in store for our voters.

April's Census is no laughing matter. It's a quick and simple, no-nonsense question. What type of PC do you use primarily-- desktop, laptop, both, or other?

Stay tuned for May for the results!

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