Monday, November 1, 2010

Review Round-Up - June-October

Samus Aran seldom has a day off from bounty hunting.

I was off for several months from SPC, but as we know the old saying, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Well, hopefully that's the case with many of you as I am now back to my old hi-jinks. Since we've been gone you've been missing my reviews, yes? Well, miss them no longer as I crafted many between the months of June and October. October was slammed with new reviews to make my absence feel like a distant memory. Who would have guessed that a portable tennis title would outclass Samus Aran, Kirby, and a bunch of Miis gathering for a party? Certainly not I! Yes, it's Hot Shots Tennis: Get A Grip with the best score this Round-Up with an 8.75. Closing in behind very closely are Kirby's Epic Yarn and Metroid: Other M with a score of 8.5 respectively. Meanwhile, Wii Party received a 7.75 while Planet Mini-Golf (June's only review) got a 7.0. Note: now you can play Planet Mini-Golf with Move controls, so the experience may be different from what it was with analog controls.

Planet Mini-Golf (PSN) - 7.0
Wii Party (Wii) - 7.75
Kirby's Epic Yarn (Wii) - 8.5
Metroid: Other M (Wii) - 8.5
Hot Shots Tennis: Get A Grip (PSP) - 8.75

Come to mama!

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