Friday, November 5, 2010

SPC Mailbag - November 5th, 2010 - U Mad? Edition

It's been awhile and there's been quite a bit of new mail sent my way over the hiatus. Let's answer some in the only fashion I can, condescendingly and jerk-like. I warn you that this mailbag segment I go pretty dark and insult plenty of people. Be forewarned.

Where have you been these past few months?

I was taking a sabbatical where I was bored with video games as well as blogging. I didn't have the drive to play any video games whatsoever or do anything for that matter. I was in a fog, and I didn't want to do anything. I wasn't depressed, mind you, I just lacked that drive. Somehow (and several medications later), I regained that drive and am back to your satisfaction (hopefully).

You don't seem to like many communities on the web. What are your personal worst?

5) IGN
4) GoNintendo
3) CheapAssGamer
2) GameTrailers
1) GameFAQs

IGN is full of people who suck the taints of the moderators.
GoNintendo is full of trolls and hyper-fanboys.
CheapAssGamer has constant trolling.
GameTrailers see: CheapAssGamer x3
GameFAQs is full of worthless topics, memes that stop being funny once GameFAQs starts them, and a shitty moderation staff full of 14 year old mods.

You used to be featured on GoNintendo by the owner, RMC. What happened?

It's a funny story. The commenters on the site suck. You're either a fanboy or a troll it seems like, and the admins there don't care either way as you long as you're giving them page hits because page hits = money. That's why fatass there can sit his repugnant self in front of a computer all day and make a living off it. He does it by leeching off his faithful users completely. He's a repulsive-looking being, mondo fat, and he has this nasty beard that makes you wonder if he loses food inside it. Perhaps I'm being mean, but RMC deserves no sympathy. He's the type of person who ignores e-mails on a frequent basis. Even when they're sure-fire ways to get more views and money for his pitiful fanboy zone.

I came across his loser-in-chief, cortjezter or something stupid like that, and he noticed I was trolling the site totally. He was right, but he threatened that I'd get banned if I continued. And the punishment is? No more making money for a fat-ass and no more being in the company of one of the worst communities around? Oh noes! Thus, that is how I ended my tenure at GoNintendo. Horrible site. He just steals news from NeoGAF anyway. He's also a manchild as proven by the bed he sleeps in. Mario comforter, sheets, and pillows. Can you say "I'm too old for this shit"?

He's 28 by the way.

And with that bit of vitriol, we close the SPC Mailbag for this time. I hope you feel as jaded and filled with rage as possible. No, not really, but GoNintendo does suck big time.

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