Monday, November 1, 2010

SuperPhillip's Favorite VGMs - Coming Off the Sugar Rush Edition

Welcome to another Monday here at SuperPhillip Central which means it's time for another batch of five songs from my favorite VGMs. This week we have music from No More Heroes, Viva Pinata, and Phantasy Star Universe just to name a few. For better immersion, put on some headphones or ear buds or whatever you crazy kids call them!

v591. No More Heroes 2 - It's Kill or Be Killed ~ Destroy Resort

Here's a provocative pic to start our countdown to 600 vids. It's from the original No More Heroes-- the pic, that is. This song, entitled "It's Kill or Be Killed" is the vocal version of the infectious main theme. Except since we're dealing with foreign vocalists, it's more like "It's Kirr or Be Kirred". One could say it's Sylvia's song since it usually plays while she's instructing Travis Touchdown on his next assassination mission. To all my fans.... as she would say.

v.592. Wii Fit - Hoop Dance

This catchy melody plays during the Hoop Dance minigame where you use your body to lean your way to catch as many hula hoops as possible. Toru Minegishi is your composer for the majority of Wii Fit's theme. Have you played Wii Fit or know anyone who owns a copy of this workout phenomenon? What do you or they think of it?

v593. Tales of Symphonia - Walking On Tethe'Alla

When the anemic amount of Gamecube RPGs, Tales of Symphonia was a shot in the arm to boost the console's catalog of games. I really enjoyed Symphonia. It was my first and really only Tales Of game I played. This song is the theme of Tethe'Alla, the other world Lloyd and the gang visit on their quest to save both worlds.

v594. Phantasy Star Universe - With You

This beautiful, poetic song plays during each chapter intermission of the horrible Phantasy Star Universe. God, what a piece of rappy crap. Let's talk about a better game instead-- Phantasy Star Zero. Now that was a terrific game. It was fun playing on a portable, questing, besting bosses and other baddies, and customizing and upgrading your gear. Regardless, what Universe has over Zero is a phenomenal soundtrack.

v595. Viva Pinata - Day 6

This song sounds like a theme for a majestic castle or royalty, don't you think? It comes from Viva Pinata, one of Rare's more creative titles since parting with Nintendo. I sure would love to play this game again, but it appears my 360 has died. Oh, the humanity! Before I go into a rant on the 360, let's switch our focus back to the theme. Grant Kirkhope sure knows how to compose and orchestrate with the best of them as this soundtrack among others show.

There goes another edition of my VGMs down the commode. They were chunky yet beautiful little ditties, don't you think? Until next week, that's all you'll hear from SuperPhillip's Favorite VGMs.

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