Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Central City Census - December

It's the final month of the year. December is the time where the leaves are dead, the snow is white, and we're freezing our asses off. Unless you live in the Southwest, of course, or in another country where the seasons are different. Regardless, let's see last month's Census!

Yes, two or more.
3 (7%)
Yes, just one.
9 (23%)
7 (18%)
No, not at all.
19 (50%)

Votes so far: 38

The question asked was whether or not SPC users would be getting a new platform (Wii, DS, etc) this holiday season. Most of you are not. All right! More money for more games! Three of you lucky bastards are getting two or more! Call Richie Rich, junior! A near half of you are or maybe are receiving at least one console this holiday season. Good stuff, and thanks for your votes. Now onto December's question.

The console wars are in full steam, and are heading down the finishing tracks. Or are they? Regardless, which console do you think had the best year?

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