Thursday, December 2, 2010

Most Overlooked Wii Games - Part Six

I know what you're thinking-- Phil, just how many Wii games have been overlooked already? Well, first off, we're not on a first-name basis. Secondly, the Wii is loaded with games, and it's easy to see how so many can be overlooked. Plus apparently core games don't sell on Wii. I guess I could see that argument made without question. Regardless, let's take a check at five more forgotten Wii games. Maybe this list will allow you to scope out these games.

Red Steel 2

Strap your Wii MotionPlus in and get some action on, Wild West style. Gunplay and swordplay combine into glorious harmony as you take down rivals. Wii MotionPlus makes sword control a breeze. You can for one second be slicing down an enemy, and then quickly draw out your gun to blast them away to oblivion. A great game marred by the fact that Wii MotionPlus was required to play, leaving a lot of Wii owners in the cold.

Endless Ocean: Blue World

Beautiful ocean-diving as well as freshwater diving is what Endless Ocean: Blue Ocean is all about. Dive in and explore and uncover unique aquatic life as you solve the mystery of a forlorn whale call that brings devastation wherever it's heard. Do this all the while listening to a magnificent soundtrack made up by themes from Celtic Woman. It's a relaxing yet engaging title full of new discoveries in every dive.

MLB Power Pros

The little baseball players that could with a league of their own are out to play some ball. Customize your team with unique players with different talents and abilities and play some good old fashioned baseball. The adorable chibi players are cute to watch, and the gameplay (which does not use motion control) is as addicting as you'd expect from a bunch of big-headed baseball players. Hit home runs, steal bases, and rev up your RBI in this excellent baseball title.


This also adorable RPG is very unique from other RPGs as it solely uses the nunchuk controller to play. Walk around cities and spaceports? Use the analog stick. Battle evil monsters and other creatures identities unknown? Use the Z button. This unique control setup is just half the fun with a whimsical story involving a hero with a ball hovering over his head which he uses for a weapon. A niche game indeed explains why this one sold poorly.

MySims Racing

Rev up your engines as it's time to race. MySims franchise fatigue is my bet as to why this creative racer didn't race off store shelves. It's a competent Mario Kart clone with some brand-new ideas with it, and all, of course, with the charm of the MySims series. The fifteen tracks are well-designed with plenty of shortcuts and alternate paths to take. For the thirty bucks or less this racing game costs, it's worth at least a rental to test her out and see how she handles.

What Wii games do you think that are overlooked and haven't been listed? Let me know in the comments section. Wanna catch up on past Most Overlooked? You can do so now:

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Later, fans and fanboys!

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coffeewithgames said...

I would say Red Steel 2 is one, and I'm a hypocrite for saying it...because I put $5 down to reserve it, then didn't pick it up!

I own Endless Ocean: Blue World, and have barely played it...not really sure why.

As for other overlooked games, I would add Monster Hunter Tri to that the United States.
I would also add WiiWare titles to the list, such as:
Max and the Magic Marker
Rage of the Gladiator

Another one could be Greg Hastings Paintball 2...while not the prettiest and most perfect FPS on the console, it has a lot of content packed on the disc.