Monday, November 29, 2010

SuperPhillip's Favorite VGMs - Full-Bellied Edition

Thanksgiving weekend has come and gone, so now it's time to get back to business here at SuperPhillip Central. Time to show some brand-new VGMs with the community. This week we have some titans in God of War, Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, and Final Fantasy XIII as well as lesser-known games like Super Princess Peach and Kirby Air Ride. It's bound to be a good edition of the VGMs. Just don't fill your bellies too much.

v611. God of War - Minotaur Boss Battle

We go from one boss battle theme with chanting to another with God of War's Minotaur Boss Battle. In order to defeat this minotaur menace, you had to drive a wooden stake through its chest. And I'm not talking about some one foot stake either. I'm talking a huge, massive stake through a huge, massive creature. The battle was immensely satisfying to partake in, and it's definitely one of the highlights of the original God of War for me.

v612. Super Princess Peach - Bowser's Villa 1

I'm doing my best to keep this a theme-free week. Perhaps that's the theme of the week! I can't stay away from it after all! Regardless, RNolan## requested some more Super Princess Peach music, so here is my sample. It's one of the final levels in the game, Bowser's Villa 1 full of fire and fearsome foes. The game is still one of the more criminally underrated and overlooked DS games on the market, so if you have a chance to pick up a copy, please do so. Do it for the nonexistent children!

v613. Kirby Air Ride - Celestial Valley

This next track comes from another happy-go-lucky hero, Kirby. Whereas Princess Peach participated in platforming peril, Kirby is racing his little heart out in Kirby Air Ride. This theme comes from the second course in the Air Ride mode, Celestial Valley. Kirby Air Ride came with three modes: Air Ride, the main racing mode, Top Ride, the Super Off-Road style perspective mode, and City Trial which put players in a city duking it out for power-ups and prestige. It was a great, fun, interesting racer which I recommend.

v614. Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles - The Theme of Alexia I

We listened to part II of the theme of Alexia, the main antagonist of Code Veronica X, already. Now after a bit of a vacation, here's part I. It's just as haunting if not even more so as part II if not slower paced. The Darkside Chronicles is my second favorite rail shooter ever. It combines the mythos, the cool gunplay, the action-packed set pieces, and of course, the music of the Resident Evil series and puts them into bite-sized packages. Pick up a copy of the game if you have any interest in the franchise and a Wii.

v615. Final Fantasy XIII - Blinded by Light (Extended Version)

Blinded By Light is the battle theme of Final Fantasy XIII, a game I've been turned off of playing due to player input. The game seems a bit too linear and challenging for my liking. Plus why play a 50 hour RPG when you could be playing five 10 hour games instead? Catch my drift? This catchy battle theme does have me sort of interested. Keywords are "sort of". I doubt I'll ever play this thirteenth epic in the illustrious Final Fantasy franchise.

There goes my dinner just now. I must have had way too much VGMs for one week. This must mean our time together today is now over. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and enjoyed my VGMs this week.

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