Thursday, January 20, 2011

Adieu, Xbox 360...

My Xbox 360 died on me about a year ago. It's a gigantic paperweight now. When I see or hear of people buying multiple 360s, I call them fools. Why reward Microsoft for their gross negligence? The system does have a lot of great games, but really you can get many of those on the PS3 as well. Just sayin'; hope that didn't make anyone cry. Microsoft's few first party offerings are usually gun games that don't really click with me. Though as you'll find out, there's one or two gun games I do want to play. This list is simply all the games I want to play on the Xbox 360 that I never did and never can since I have no intention of ever buying another Microsoft console ever again.

Halo Reach

This is one of the games I was talking about in the introduction. It's full of fast and fun gunplay, running, jumping, fragging, and forging. What I mean by forging is the ability to place parts down on various levels to mod the multiplayer arenas. Very cool. The community is still very strong to this day with popular Forge users getting recognized daily. Halo Reach is one of the few first party exclusives from Microsoft that I'm interested in.

Crackdown 2

I've heard bad things about Crackdown 2 sadly, but I'd rather see for myself the problems the game has. I really liked the original. You played in a sandbox city, exploring buildings for orbs. Of course, that was just side stuff. The real game involved tracking down various gang lords and taking them out. The more gang leaders outed, the more territory of the city you would reclaim. No idea if Crackdown 2 follows the same premise. I just loved tossing cars at innocent pedestrians.

Tales of Vesperia

My older brother played through the fifty required hours (or so) to play through to see the ending. The visuals were simply breathtaking and colorful. Hey, there's probably a first for an Xbox 360 game. No, that's just trolling. Regardless, the active time battle system led players to "actively" participate in the game's encounters instead of simply mindlessly hitting button after button in menu screens. Hopefully, and this is a long shot, the PS3 version gets released stateside.

Kinect Sports

I didn't get a lot of time to play through Kinect Sports. I only played through the table tennis game at my local Best Buy, and that was pretty much all the experience I had with the game. Kinect Sports from Rare didn't really leave a solid taste in my mouth. In fact, I didn't find it fun at all. However, that was just a ten minute play session, so it's hardly fair to call it bad when I didn't really play all the game had to offer. Here's hoping I get a chance to be less biased.

Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise

I played through the entirety of the original Viva Pinata, and I really loved almost every minute of it. Everything from the charming presentation to the addictive nature of the game resonated with me greatly. The sequel introduced new pinata creatures, more things to do, different garden habitats, and a new musical score to boot. The fascination with attracting new pinatas, romancing them, and creating a garden full of new friends is still enticing to me to this day.


Who else's 360 died on them? Did you buy another one, or were you like me and said, "the eff with that, Microsoft!"? What games that are exclusive to this system do you want to play that you've yet to play? Let me know in the comments section. Tomorrow, I have a new treat in store!

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