Friday, February 11, 2011

SuperPhillip: The Game (LittleBigPlanet 2, PS3) Update

LittleBigPlanet was SuperPhillip Central's Game of the Year 2008. Perhaps you love this gem, too! I've enjoyed the game enough that I've decided to create a series of levels-- a "game" if you will-- using LittleBigPlanet's (and 2's) expansive creation tools.

Just some quick history: my user name is based off the character I created in second grade as part of some creative project in school. Not the other way around. Since then, I've created multiple versions and mythos of the character. SuperPhillip: The Game will be a yearlong project of mine. I've completed an RPG featuring my character, so this isn't too big of a stretch to do.

The game will have six worlds of three levels each. Each third level will conclude with a boss battle featuring one of the many villains of the SuperPhillip universe. Each level has five prize bubbles that will unlock that level's challenge world-- a shorter, more challenging level-- sometimes a race, sometimes a survival challenge, sometimes a high score affair.

0-1 The Warehouse

This level is the first of many, and it serves as the tutorial level. The information provided from SuperPhillip's friend, Dan, may seem elementary, but I'm making it so the game takes it that LittleBigPlanet doesn't even exist and that SuperPhillip: The Game is all the player has to learn these things. As it is its own game, I'm including everything that a retail game would have-- a coherent story, a tutorial to assist players, and loads of collectibles.

The Warehouse does not have anything to kill the player. I didn't want the tutorial level to have anything like that, but rest assured every other level definitely will. There are checkpoints in case for whatever you reason you get stuck (which you shouldn't since there's a way out of everything).

Unlike every other level, this one has six prize bubbles. The others will have five. They're usually well-hidden or hard to reach. It is a tutorial level, but there are definitely secrets to be found!

Please let me know what you think of the level. Remember that this level is the first of eighteen, so it is easy. It wouldn't be good design to make it tough or easy to die at the very first level.

1-1 Central City

Central City is the first story level of SuperPhillip: The Game! It's actually a two part level which I wasn't really planning, but I ran out of space-- not thermometer-wise but room-wise. There was nowhere left to build to the east. That was a blessing though because it allowed me to add so much detail to make the city come to life. Now this definitely filled the thermometer.

As with 0-1: The Warehouse, there are five hidden prize bubbles to collect. This earns you the sticker needed to reach the key. If you're just rushing through the level, you're not really doing it right. I've built my levels (excluding challenge levels) to encourage exploration. I hope you will look around. This level is split into two parts. Part 2 is quite exhilarating, so please look forward to it!

1-2 The Sewers

After being blown down below Central City's surface, SuperPhillip must find a way out of the subterranean depths of the sewer. Poisonous gas from Dr. Christian's robots has caused the otherwise stinky dungeon to become hazardous to one's health! Can you beat the Crocbots, survive the deadly gas, and get out of the sewers alive?

1-3 Power Plant

The first of the Fearsome Five is holding himself inside a nearby power plant. His name is Electrohound, and he's packing heat! The mechanized menaces inside the power plant will certainly shock you to your very core! From spinning wheels to electrified walls, can anyone put an end to Electrohound's evil rampage?

2-1 The Forest

The second of the Fearsome Five is hiding out in a temple inside the forest. Reaching him won't be easy. Hop on the heads of Rockin' Robins to reach new heights. Leap over fiery platforms, and take it to 'em! Just watch out for those snake-like Slithers!

2-2 The Treetops

Going on the ground's too dangerous, so it's time to head up into the treetops to reach Rosebud's temple. Avoid venomous spiders, falling lava rocks, and other dangers as you inch closer to Rosebud.

2-3 The Temple

Inside the temple of Rosebud lies danger everywhere from falling platforms to slithering snakes to rising magma to spinning wheels of doom! You're close to taking down Rosebud, but can you go the distance?

3-1 The Marina

Now it's time for the Aqualord, the third of the Fearsome Five to get his comeuppance! You arrive at a peaceful seaside marina, but not all is as it seems. You'll face explosive-shooting robots, ride a robotic bunny through a fiery lighthouse, and deal with electrified Jellofish! Can you reach the S.S. Big Toe (the submarine)?

3-2 The Ocean

Ah... the ocean depths, peaceful one second, dangerous the next. Face off against a giant octopus, submarines, and the ocean's underwater puzzles in this waterlogged adventure. Just remember to keep on your Scuba Suit!

Challenge stages 0-1, 1-1, and 1-2 are playable as well for a limited time!

If you own a PS3 and a copy of LittleBigPlanet 2, please try out my levels. You can find them under the name "SuperPhillip"!

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