Friday, February 11, 2011

One-Sentence Reviews - Volume Two

One-Sentence Reviews was popular when it originally premiered here on SPC in March of last year. It doesn't seem that long at all. What I do with One-Sentence Reviews is create a review that is short, to the point (most of the time), and one sentence long (at least I try). Sometimes I goof up, and the sentence is a run-on. That's cheating, I know, but it's still fun to play around with this method of reviewing. I have thirty more games I will be quickly reviewing like a reviewing assembly line. Let's do it to it!

"Samus Aran is still a viable heroine even after the events of the game" Metroid: Other M (Wii)

"Play, create, and share with what are probably the strongest developer tools this side of consoles!" LittleBigPlanet 2 (PS3)

"Take on bite-sized missions or take down a giant beast from the Monster Hunter series in Snake's latest mission." Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (PSP)

"Sure, the story is nonsense, but the gameplay is still as fast and fun as ever." Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep (PSP)

"A lack of old-school TMNT characters hurts this otherwise competent brawler." Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Smash Up! (Wii, PS2)

"Sure, he may be a douchier Indiana Jones, but the thrills and chills don't fail to excite in this epic adventure." Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (PS3)

"Ratchet's latest journey is a time-altering treat worthy of the series' caliber." Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time (PS3)

"Disappointing and definitely not "Oscar-worthy", GTA IV takes realism but gives away fun in return." Grand Theft Auto IV (PS3, 360)

"The AI gets cheap even on the Easy difficulty setting, so take note, tennis-amateurs!" Hot Shots Tennis: Get A Grip (PSP)

"When he's not gobbling up ghosts and pellets, Pac-Man is saving the world in a fun, camera-problematic game." Pac-Man World 2 (PS2, GCN, XBX)

"Three games for the price of $40 US-- sign me up!" The Sly Collection (PS3)

"Two games for the price of $40 US-- sign me up!" God of War Collection (PS3)

"A game that is fun, addicting, and will give you a great case of the munchies, The Munchables is one of the Wii's most overlooked games period." The Munchables (Wii)

"A lack of characters and courses when compared to the PS2 games makes the latest console Hot Shots Golf a disappointment." Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds (PS3)

"I suck at this game totally, but it's still a blast." Super Street Fighter 4 (PS3, 360)

"Camelot concocts an epic JRPG that has great dungeon puzzles and gorgeous visuals for the GBA." Golden Sun (GBA)

"Old-school Zelda for PS3 fans." 3D Dot Game Heroes (PS3)

"This game gets too much unwarranted hate as it is quite fun to create music." Wii Music (Wii)

"Bring some wine spritzers and those tiny umbrellas as this party is one for the ages!" Wii Party (Wii)

"Cooperative play doesn't damn the game-- it just makes the experience less scary all-in-all." Resident Evil 5 (PS3, 360)

"This game shows that Move works and works well." Sports Champions (PS3)

"Even with Tiger Woods' wife being the leading money winner in the PGA (stole that joke from Letterman), Tiger's newest golf simulator gets high marks as it's great fun." Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 (PS3, 360, Wii)

"Following LittleBigPlanet's mantra, this game also has you creating and sharing racers, tracks, and designs for some serious enjoyment." ModNation Racers (PS3, PSP)

"The God of War is back, and he's once again pissed (what else is new?)." God of War: Ghost of Sparta (PSP)

"Easier to get into than Street Fighter, Tatsunoko is an addicting fighter filled to the brim with content and cool characters." Tatsunoko VS. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars (Wii)

"Chisel your way to victory in this incredible puzzler with hundreds of puzzles and the ability to create your own and share online with friends." Picross 3D (DS)

"This game will make feminists rage with anger at how stereotypically emotional a woman, Princess Peach, gets." Super Princess Peach (DS)

"The premise of hitting buttons rhythmically gets old quickly." Patapon (PSP)

"War-- what is he good for-- absolutely everything." Darksiders (PS3, 360)

"The camera is simply awful, and quite frankly, the constant Kingdom Hearts spin-offs are wearing thin on me." Kingdom Hearts: Re: Coded (DS)


Hopefully you won't have to wait nearly a year for the next installment of One-Sentence Reviews. Would you like to see this feature more often? Did you enjoy it? Give everyone your opinion inside the comments section.

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