Friday, February 4, 2011

SuperPhillip's Favorite Anime Themes - Round Two

Two weeks ago, I introduced to the world my favorite anime themes. Two weeks later, they're back to kick off your weekend just right. This week we're piloting mechas with the Big O and Brain Powerd, fighting off demons in Darker Than Black, solving crimes with Detective Conan, and going all schizo in Paranoia Agent. Enjoy!

Volume 6: Stand A Chance (The Big O)

In the original season of the Big O, when Stand A Chance played, you knew that sh*t was about to go down. The Big O would rise from its underground chamber, destroying streets, buildings, and domes-- for sport! This track is the third track on the Big O OST 1. A second season would be made thanks to the efforts of the Cartoon Network's [adult swim]. Perhaps they shouldn't have done that. Sure, the new music was excellent, but the actual story was pretty stupid. Tomatoes! Oh my god! Those damned tomatoes! I'M NOT A TOMATO! GAAAAAAAAH!!!

Volume 7: Power of the Light (Brain Powerd)

I have no idea what Brain Powerd is, and I'm guessing the first OST cover art does not tell me anything I need to know. All I do know, however, is that this is another masterpiece from the virtuoso composer, Yoko Kanno. Power of the Light is the very first track on the first OST of Brain Powerd. I love the piano here, probably played by Mrs. Kanno herself. It's a happy-go-lucky tune that never fails to put a smile on my face. Now if one of you could explain to me what the hell a Brain Powerd is. Wikapedia, here I come.

Volume 8: Main Theme (Baker Gai Version) (Detective Conan)

You might know this anime in the West as Case Closed. I remember watching this show on Adult Swim and loving it. It's particularly satisfying when you solve the murder yourself! Otherwise known as Detective Conan in Japan, but changed to its obvious resemblance to the West's Conan the Barbarian, Detective Conan involves a teen sleuth who stumbles his way into a trap. He gets drugged with a youth serum their reverts him back to his childhood. Now living with his wannabe girlfriend and her doofus detective dad, Conan's gotta solve crimes while keeping undercover as his kid form. This theme is the main theme, Baker Gai version. Enjoy.

Volume 9: Dream Island Obsessional Park (Paranoia Agent)

Paranoia Agent was definitely a mindf**k of a series. It was grim in tone, sarcastic in nature, and just disturbing as all get out. Unfortunately, the creator of the series, Satoshi Kon, passed away late in 2010 way too soon. Onto happier things, this theme, Dream Island Obsessional Park, is the introductory theme to the anime, Paranoia Agent. Lil Slugger is out at night, taking out victims with his golden bat, skating on his golden roller skates. The soundtrack itself is quite eclectic with trance, suspenseful themes and much more. It's encouraged to listen to the whole soundtrack (someone's already uploaded it), and enjoy.

Volume 10: GO Dark (Darker Than Black)

Yoko Kanno sure gets around a lot. I mean that in a musical sense. Not calling her a tramp or anything. Anyway, no idea what a Darker Than Black is, and frankly, I don't care either. All I do know is that the soundtrack is amazing as per usual when Mrs. Kanno is at the helm. GO Dark sounds a lot like the beginning of a late night TV talk show to me. Dunno why. It's the very first track on the first Darker Than Black OST. It's a straight-up jazz song perfect for fighting, similar to her work on the Cowboy Bebop series. When you mention Cowboy Bebop, you know I'm there!

For the time being, that's all the favorite anime themes (or FAT) I have to share with you folks. Until two weeks from now, we'll see you back here where Sailor Moon, Kazuma from S-cry-ed and Escaflowne will be joining us!

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