Friday, March 25, 2011

Most Overlooked PlayStation 3 Games - Part Three

It's time to seek out some more overlooked gems, and this time we're doing it on the PS3 with this our third installment. Let's see which games the gaming populace either didn't buy or overlooked altogether. If you missed previous PlayStation 3 installments, check 'em out here at the following links:

Saints Row 2

The Saints are reuniting to take the city of Stilwater back from the gigantic Ultor Corporation and other rival gangs in this excellent sequel. PS3 owners did not get to experience the first Saints Row as that was an Xbox 360 exclusive. It was originally supposed to hit the PS3, but those plans were canceled. Subtract trophy support, and you have a game that did not sell all too well on the PlayStation 3. Their loss as this game is what Grand Theft Auto IV should have been-- pure, unadulterated fun. Leave your realism at the door.

Eternal Sonata

A port of the Xbox 360 game, Eternal Sonata was developed by Tri-Crescendo. The PlayStation 3 version included exclusive cut-scenes, features, and game content. Even the lower price tag wasn't enough for most PS3 owners to bite. Players delved into the mind of 19th century composer, Frederic Chopin, and played out his dreams in real-time/turn-based hybrid battles that were wildly entertaining. The gorgeous watercolor art style and stunning soundtrack only further gets appetizing to those who are fans of the JRPG genre.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope International

This fourth installment of the long-running Star Ocean franchise did not do so hot at retailers. Again, a port of the Xbox 360 version, the International version featured Japanese and English voice tracks, the entire game on one Blu-ray instead of multiple discs, and a whole slew of other enhanced features making this the version to buy. With a satisfying battle system, gorgeous, updated graphics, and a rousing soundtrack by none other than veteran composer, Motoi Sakuraba, Star Ocean: The Last Hope International is one meaty JRPG not to be missed by fans of the series.

de Blob 2

de Blob 2 went multiplatform with the sequel, and it sold poorly compared to its Wii original, only selling less than 75,000 copies across all four platforms. Perhaps the game was too colorful for the Call of Duty crowd? Regardless, many gamers missed out on this excellent sequel that fixed some of the problems of the original and added a new mission structure for fans of the first de Blob to enjoy. The music itself was funky, the visuals were drop-dead gorgeous, and the game's characters exuded an incredible amount of charm. For a budget price, de Blob 2 is one platformer PlayStation 3 owners should not miss out on.

Mass Effect 2

A port too little too late for most PlayStation 3 owners, Mass Effect 2 won a ton of Game of the Year awards for the Xbox 360 version. The game is a Western RPG where players take control of the heroic Commander Shepard. The game offers up choices as to what the player wants to do, who to affiliate with, and so forth. With nearly all of the bells and whistles of its Xbox 360 cousin, Mass Effect 2 did not do well at retail on the PlayStation 3. That's a shame as I hear it's a good game.


Disagree with a game placed on the Most Overlooked list, or perhaps you'd like to name a few games of your own that you deem underrated or underappreciated? Let the world know in the comments section.

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coffeewithgames said...

I haven't played any of these...though I really don't purchase PS3(or Wii) games often.

I did just get Far Cry 2, and Madden NFL 09 for my PS3, as well as another I'll be posting about soon, but I didn't purchase any of them.