Monday, March 21, 2011

SuperPhillip's Favorite VGMs - Spring Fling 2011 Edition

Spring has officially sprung here in Central City, and the temperatures here show it. Nice and in the high seventies. This week we have some happy and mellow tunes from games such as Mario Sports Mix, Animal Crossing: City Folk, and Shadow the Hedgehog. Sit down, grab some nice lemonade, and let's do this!

v681. Mario Sports Mix - Koopa Troopa Beach

Mario Sports Mix is a game that features four sports: basketball, volleyball, dodgeball, and hockey. Each sport has its own locales that can be played on-- usually nine or ten. There's the traditional, no-gimmick Mario Stadium, and then for this song, there's Koopa Troopa Beach. As the tide comes in, green shells come in with the tide as well. Players can pick these items up and use them on their opponents. Just don't get caught using an item when you should be making a play! With negative reviews for some reason, I happen to really enjoy Mario Sports Mix. Once again, critics have no bearing on my opinion of a game.

v682. Mario Hoops 3-on-3 - Highlight Ending

We go from Square-Enix's second attempt at a sports title to their very first which in my view along with many others was mediocre. It was a three-on-three basketball game where your teammates did little to help you out. The game was focused more on collecting coins than traditional basketball gameplay. Regardless, the soundtrack was, and still is, fantastic. Composed by Masayoshi Soken who also worked on Mario Sports Mix, the score is appropriately cheery as evident by the staff roll theme, Highlight Ending. The vocals add to the charm of the closing song.

v683. Animal Crossing: City Folk - City (Early Morning, Daytime, Evening)

This is a three-fer for Animal Crossing: City Folk. It's the three versions of the City theme, the main new attraction to the Animal Crossing universe. My town, Central, was and still is incredible. I paved roads, I made a welcome sign that read "CENTRAL" in cursive letters, and I had awesome neighbors. Some folks disliked how similar City Folk (or Let's Go the City depending on where you are) was to previous Animal Crossing games, particularly Wild World. What is your opinion on Animal Crossing: City Folk? Did it do too little with the good old fashioned formula? P.S. Filbert owns you.

v684. Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon - Rafaello Battle

Rafaello is the penultimate boss in Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon for the Nintendo Wii. At the beginning of the game, Rafaello is just a little baby, but as Chocobo restores the memories of each guardian, he grows up from baby to kid to teenager to adult sprouting angel wings. Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon was listed on SuperPhillip Central as one of the Wii's Most Overlooked games period, and for good reason. It's an awesome roguelike game for beginners to the genre, and it's a blast to play. This song, Rafaello Battle, is a remix of Battle on the Bridge from Final Fantasy V.

v685. Shadow the Hedgehog - GUN Fortress

With all the gritty rock used in Shadow the Hedgehog the game, this is a relatively mellow piece with a very easy-listening guitar to it. Shadow the Hedgehog is generally frowned upon by the gaming community due to its use of language, guns, and vehicles. Regardless of these things, I happened to enjoy the game for what it was. Using guns meant I didn't have to rely on the homing attack to take down enemies. The homing attack in Sonic games is usually what killed me in past Sonic titles anyway. What was your opinion of Shadow the Hedgehog? For or against the direction the developers took the franchise?

A Happy Spring to all my followers and readers of SuperPhillip Central. If you're dying for more music, check out my Youtube homepage at SuperPhillip32. Until next week, the favorite VGMs are out of here.

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