Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wii 2 Wishes

The cat's out of the bag, and rumors are flying regarding Nintendo's sixth home console. There's rumors that it will feature dual analog, a touch screen on the controller, and it's in the hands of many developers as I type including Ubisoft, Rockstar, and EA. I think it is the perfect opportunity to discuss what I'm wanting out of Nintendo's new box.

  • Keep the motion controls - The pointer is vastly superior to dual analog as games like Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Goldeneye 007, Red Steel 2, Killzone 3, and MAG have proven. Just outperform the Move's specs and tech, and you're sure to have something for those who prefer pointing to dual analog.
  • Make the system more powerful than the PlayStation 3 - If the system is less powerful, Nintendo runs the risk of having their competitors outdo them and gain all of the third party support. This would also help future-proof the system and keep it relevant rather than D.O.A. like the original Wii was. HD is key, and it's a given that Nintendo is going down this path. I don't mind either way if 3D is implemented, however, most homes cannot afford a 3D TV, so it might be best if Nintendo waits on 3D for their console unless its somehow glasses-free.
  • Garner true third party support - We'll see what excuse third parties come up with not to develop for Nintendo's new hardware this time. For the Wii it was because the system was too weak, and for the Gamecube it was because they somehow didn't want to compete with Nintendo's stellar lineup of games. Regardless, rumors (and I cannot enforce how much these are just rumors) indicate that the biggest third parties already have developer kits. With powerful hardware, dual analog on their controller, and motion controls, Nintendo has a leg up this go around. Too many times the Wii missed out on third party games due to its weaknesses. Now Nintendo has the opportunity to garner a significant share of third party mind-share, and it'd be a shame if they missed out this time.
  • Follow the 3DS's example of one friend code for all online games - This is simple enough, and it allows for a better online infrastructure that is less demanding on the consumer. Less codes to worry about, and less frustration all around. A system where you can see who is playing what, send friend invites, and join them all for free (I'm looking at you, Xbox Live) would be beneficial in getting third parties to create more online experiences for Nintendo's new platform.
  • Keep the price affordable - I think with the 3DS the price was set too high. Now that platform isn't doomed or anything, it just lacks compelling software to get people to purchase one. Nonetheless, the successor to the Wii must be affordable and make it seem like consumers are getting a bang for their buck. It shouldn't be too difficult to achieve this goal as the PlayStation 3 is using years' old tech which has gone down significantly in price. Unless the new controller costs an arm and a leg, Nintendo should be able to keep the price down.
  • Allow transfers of Wii downloadables - This is key for most consumers, the ability to transfer their Virtual Console and WiiWare games from their Wii to the Wii's successor. Whether this is performed by accessing your account from Club Nintendo or something else, this needs to be done. We wouldn't want angry consumers getting mad that they cannot play their pricey virtual collection on their new hardware.
  • Appeal to everyone just like you did with the Wii - Whiny manchildren (aka a lot of hardcore gamers) believe Nintendo abandoned them despite coming out with a generous helping of core content for the Wii. There was the first 2D Mario game in thirteen years, a new Donkey Kong Country, two 3D Marios, a Sin and Punishment game even though the first bombed horribly, a new Punch-Out!, and much more. That's never good enough because Nintendo also focused on new gamers with games that everyone could enjoy like Wii Sports, Wii Party, Wii Sports Resort, Wii Fit, among others. For the manchildren if Nintendo isn't giving 100% of its attention to them, they're upset. Just read any message board and laugh at the losers who take this hobby too seriously.
So there's just a sampling of some of my desires for the Wii's successor. What are some of yours? Do you share in my line of thinking? Let me know in the comments section.


prasad said...

$198 is not a small amount now a these days if this price will reduce to below $100 then this gaming console will make a big hit and anyone can easily remember this gaming console

coffeewithgames said...

Like prasad said, I'm actually hoping Nintendo releases their next console at a lower PRICE than the Wii did, not a higher price.
Price is going to matter greatly I think, especially with the PS3 and Xbox 360 being at $300(or less) now.

I think the PS3 and 360 could do great damage to any momentum Nintendo's next console has, simply by getting their systems to $200 and under(which Microsoft has done sort of).

I agree 100% about the transferable Wii it's one reason I'm kind of not wanting to purchase more right now; though I think they will in some way allow transfers like the DSi to 3DS.
Also, one friend code and "motion controls" sticking around would be nice...

Once this is "confirmed" by Nintendo, I'll probably do a "thoughts" post on it as well.

prasad said...

rumors are common in these days if any companies sales are good if that company proves that their console is one of the best in the market then other companies will try to wake up rumors on that particular company so no need to hangover on these rumors.