Monday, June 27, 2011

SuperPhillip's Favorite VGMs - Boys of Summer Edition

It's officially summer now, and it's time to get out the suntan lotion and put on the shades. This week we return with a full helping of favorite VGMs starting with the sport of the boys of summer, baseball.

v736. Mario Superstar Baseball - Yoshi Park

Mario Superstar Baseball was a Gamecube exclusive sports game which would later get a much better sequel for the Wii in Mario Super Sluggers. Yoshi's stadium, Yoshi Park was a grassy field filled to the brim with piranha plants that would grab errant baseballs and sometimes shoot them over the home run wall. Other times, however, they'd just get in your way. Speaking of baseball games, Mario Super Sluggers just recently went down to $19.99 in North America. What a steal!

v737. Wario World - Wonky Circus 2

Part 2 of the original Wonky Circus level, Wario World was an interesting but fun take on the money-loving Wario. His castle and treasures were stolen by a mysterious new villain, and it's Wario's job to get it all back. Several treasures were hidden in each level, adding some replay value to the game. Still, Wario World was short, but I enjoyed playing through it again and again. Who doesn't love power-bombing enemies like a WWE superstar?

v738. The Munchables - Star Ving Island

The Munchables is one of my favorite truly niche game for the Wii. That and We Love Golf. Even the music conveys a Katamari Damacy feel to it. The goal in The Munchables was to gobble up enemies that were smaller than your character. The more you ate, the bigger your Munchables grew in size. He or she could then chomp on larger enemies until time was up or the mission was complete. Great game worthy of your time.

v739. Star Fox Assault - Meteo

In the first and second entries of the Star Fox franchise, Meteo was an asteroid belt full of dangers and obstacles to overcome. In Star Fox Assault, it is Pigma Dengmar who has taken up hiding inside. If I recall correctly, Meteo was the fifth of ten missions in Assault. While the game may be short an while the game may take too much time out of the air, I really enjoyed this sequel. Here's to the next Star Fox (if there is a new one and not a remake) is fantastic.

v740. Wild ARMS - Lamenting and A Promise (Prologue II)

Wild ARMS was one of my first RPGs I completed along with Breath of Fire I and II and Final Fantasy IV. I remember one of the fun parts was the ability to name your own spells. Well, it was fun to me at the time. This music of Wild ARMS gives a spaghetti western type feeling to it. It brings me to nostalgia. If the crude early 3D models aren't up to snuff for you, you can always play the remake, Wild ARMS: Alter Code F.

That wraps it up here for this Monday at SuperPhillip Central. Tomorrow we'll have a brand-new top five list grilled fresh for you. Until then, see ya!

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