Friday, July 1, 2011

Central City Census - July

Happy July, everyone. It's a new month, so it's now time to check out a new Central City Census. But before we do that, however, let's take a glimpse at last month's results.

When was the first time you visited SuperPhillip Central?

Since the very beginning.
7 (28%)
A year into SPC.
0 (0%)
1-2 years ago.
5 (20%)
Less than a year ago.
13 (52%)

Votes so far: 25

Twenty-five votes this month, a nice rounded number. The majority of people voting on when their first SPC experience was was less than a year ago. In second place was the very beginning. Glad you folks could hang around with me. The last option was 1-2 years ago which isn't a laughable chunk of time either. Now let's check out July's newest poll.

Sports games are extremely popular within a certain sect of the gaming populace. Are you a regular fan? Vote now even though the poll is open all month long.

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