Monday, June 6, 2011

SuperPhillip's Favorite VGMs - E3 2011 Edition

It's an exciting week for gamers as new announcements and fresh games are being announced in Los Angeles, California for E3 2011. Why not take a break from ogling new screens and trailers and sit down and relax to some wonderful tunes from SuperPhillip's Favorite VGMs?

v 726. Viewtiful Joe - The Viewtiful Escape (潜水艦オルカ号)

Viewtiful Joe released for the Nintendo Gamecube as part of the Capcom Five, a set of exclusives for Nintendo's lunch box-shaped console. The Viewtiful Escape is the fourth level in the game, and it takes place aboard a sub. The boss of the level is a doppelganger of Viewtiful Joe. After this the sub capsizes, causing Joe to make his viewtiful escape by making careful jumps up to the surface.

v727. Mega Man 2 - Woodman Stage

Mega Man 2 stands as one of franchise-lovers' favorites. I personally preferred Mega Man 3 for its length and level design. That doesn't stop Mega Man 2 from being a classic, however. Woodman's stage takes place in a heavily-wooded forest with giant cat robots, bats, and hopping robotic rabbits. The music of these NES masterpieces is infectious and tremendous as Woodman's Stage shows.

v728. Kirby & the Amazing Mirror - Forest/Nature Area

Kirby & the Amazing Mirror, to this day, remains unique from any other game in the series. It seems for Nintendo Kirby is always the guinea pig for new gameplay styles. With Kirby Canvas Curse, we drew lines to guide Kirby through maze-like levels. With Tilt 'n Tumble, we titled the Game Boy Color to move Kirby around the game world. With Kirby & the Amazing Mirror, a Metroid-styled game was introduced. The game had eight or nine unique areas just begging to be fully-explored. It was an interesting experiment and full of wily wonder.

v729. Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins - Boss Battle

The Super Mario Land series was an oddity among the Mario universe. Where else did you face Tatanga, three not-so-little pigs, and other odd enemies? The game structure was quite different from anything seen before in a Mario game. You chose which of the six zones to head to in order to play through levels, reach the boss, and collect one of six golden coins to unlock the entrance to Mario's castle. The castle was taken over by Wario who made his premiere appearance in this game. The boss theme is a quick and hectic tune as exemplified by the fastness of the tune.

v730. Wii Fit - Plaza

The hardcore gamer is an interesting character. If I wanted to generalize all of them, I would call them insecure manchildren who get angry whenever anyone else decides to partake in their hobby. I won't do that, however. Wii Fit was one of Nintendo's evergreen titles which originally sold for ninety dollars. With this price tag, you got the game itself and a peripheral known as the Wii Balance Board. In minutes you could be sweating it out to the fun mini-games included in Wii Fit. Fun for all even if there's some sad manchildren angry at Nintendo for "abandoning them".

That does it for this week's VGMs. Stay tuned for next week where it's all Game Boy Advance classics! Have a fun E3 week, everybody!

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