Friday, September 2, 2011

Top Five Reasons to Hate Sony

We wrap up the work week with another top five list. It's time for some more vitriol here on SuperPhillip Central. This go around we're focusing it on Sony who went from first to worst in epic fashion. The words "$599 US Dollars" and "massive damage" will always haunt Sony and the Sony faithful. I hate to pick on a company while they're down, but let's find out exactly which five reasons are more than enough to despise Sony.

5) Their fanboys are the most idiotic this generation

Fanboys are ugly no matter which company they root for. Sony fanboys are the worst. Being in first was all these poor, diluted souls knew of. Now that Nintendo and even newcomer Microsoft are kicking them to the curb in sales, Sony's fanboys can't help but feel like going to multiple forums and trolling. They're everywhere-- GameFAQs, GameTrailers, NeoGAF-- everywhere. They are without a doubt the most obnoxious group in gaming right now. Thankfully not all Sony fanboys are annoying, but the vocal minority of them are. However, we thank ye for all your glorious meltdowns on message boards far and wide!

4) The PSN hacking fiasco

How awful was this? Millions in dollars lost, customer satisfaction down the pooper, and numerous hackers stealing credit card information were some of the effects of Sony's PlayStation Network getting hacked. You're foolish if you now save your credit card information to Sony's servers. They can't be trusted with it. The sheer incompetence of the company was staggering. Case in point: keep your credit cards away from Sony.

3) Old VS. New PlayStation 3s

Comparing old PS3s to new PS3s shows a lot to the unknowing eye. For one, new PS3s compared to old ones have a lot of features taken out such as backwards compatibility. Furthermore, old PlayStation 3s aren't built as well as they should be and break down much more easily. Who hasn't heard of the moniker of the "Yellow Light of Death"? When one receives this curse on their PlayStation 3, they can opt to send it in to Sony for repair for a costly fee. When they get it back, there's no guarantee that it will be stay fixed permanently. This means it can break down again, and the repair process begins anew, or they must purchase a Slim. Both options pretty much blow for the consumer.

2) They're reactionary and not revolutionary.

How many times have we seen Sony copy the competition? Most recently they bent over backwards to scoot past Nintendo's patent on the Wii remote and blatantly copied it to make the marketshare failure known as the PlayStation Move. Sony's company philosophy behind innovation is essentially see what Nintendo is doing and copy it, sometimes enhancing the technology by a half-step. We've seen this with rumble, analog sticks, and of course, as stated before, motion control tech. For shame, Sony. For shame.

1) They're in third place, and they're still cocky as can be.

Nothing like a distant third place company like Sony to be cocky to make them look like the jackasses they are. If Jack Tretton isn't opening his mouth and inserting his foot (remember when Phil Harrison informed us that rumble was a last gen feature?), some other Sony stooge is saying something stupid toward the competition. You look at a company like Nintendo who were humble when they were in last place, and you look at Sony who can't help being the company to root against (or for if you're one of the aforementioned obnoxious fanboys). Even their Kevin Butler commercials are heavy-handed with fanboy self-wanking propaganda. For being a Japanese company, a country known for being humble, Sony certainly doesn't show it.


As you can see, Sony is trying its hardest to be an unlikeable company. From having an inferior online structure compared to Microsoft to being stupidly cocky, Sony is in a bad place right now. On the bright side of things, they still make some of the best first-party games out there next to Nintendo (your opinion might be different-- that's fine), and they have a new portable with lots of support coming. Not all is bad in the land of Sony. They're still one of my favorite companies around.

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