Wednesday, October 5, 2011

SuperPhillip Central Welcomes Our Two Newest Affiliates!

It's been a busy week for making new friends here at SuperPhillip Central. We have a duo of fresh affiliates that your eyes can carouse at your leisure. First off is Incomplete Gaming!? where the Incomplete Gamer broaches about his gaming muses, recent purchases, and goes in-depth about his gaming lifestyle. Then comes Chalgyr and his game room where news, reviews, and more are posted by this proud father of three. You can visit these links either by clicking on them in the sidebar or by clicking the following links below:


Incomplete Gamer said...

I appreciate the intro Phil and it sounds so good I may need to steal it! :) I started off on that incomplete angle though haven't really made much headway into completing much this year.

I'm sure the next six months will be fairly 3DS heavy as I get into it along with more of the big titles being released.

Unknown said...

No problem, good sir. Always glad to help out when I can.